Fool Proof Packing Method

From Bali to Hawaii….from Germany to Vegas….I’m one lucky duck that I get to travel around the world for work and pleasure.

It makes me do a little happy dance when I get to clock as many miles as I do on planes, trains and automobiles.

Not to mention, I get to work from white sand beaches, jungles and five-star hotels…

Woop woop!

Because I’m away a good three months out of the year, I’ve had to get really good at:

  1. Packing
  2. Working on the go
  3. Finding wifi that actually works
  4. Functioning on ZERO sleep
  5. Hunting for vegan restaurants
  6. Surviving with only one lip gloss instead of my usual 6

Traveling as much as I do requires a ton of planning and a little magic when it comes to packing.

So I figured I’d make today’s episode a fun one and divulge my fool proof packing method (I can literally travel to Europe for two weeks with a carry on bag!)

Give it a listen to learn all of my secrets!