How to Make Self-Care Your Key to Lasting Success

The topic of today’s show is one of the most important topics that we as a driven, busy, goal oriented group of go getters neglect to talk about.

It’s Self Care. 

Self Care gets this ridiculous stigma around it as being selfish, or lazy, or a luxury that only some of us can afford. 

Don’t buy those lies!
As women especially we will take care of Everyone else until we are 2 inches away from a breakdown because we haven’t been taking care of ourselves. 

Not anymore friends!

My guest today to is on the show to show you that that Self Care is really vital to your success as you work to Consciously Create the Life and Business of your dreams. 

I’m so excited to welcome Dr. Mariza Snyder to the show today!

Dr Snyder is a big believer that living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a chore. 

As a Women’s Hormone Practitioner she knows that you can heal your hormones without hormones.

She is a functional practitioner and the author of seven books: the bestselling The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils and The DASH Diet Cookbook. 

Dr. Mariza's newest book focuses on balancing hormones with the power of essential oils, and it's called: The Essential Oils Hormone Solution.

For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification.  

She has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fox News Health, MindBodyGreen and many publications. 

Dr. Mariza is also the host of the Essentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health.