The Power of Human Connection in the Digital World with Special guest James Wedmore

Today I’m continuing our series on the Power of Human Connection. And my very special guest is a thought leader on how to use the world of digital marketing.  

He is here to help us learn how to consciously create  deep connections between people.

He’s James Wedmore! 

I know a lot of you already know who James is, but for those of you who don’t he’s one of the leading teachers of how to empower the mindset of the entrepreneur to enlarge your reach and your profitability online.

I am so excited to learn how he built his business and he’s promised me that he will provide us some tips on how to consciously create impactful videos to build a business, sell a product or to make you famous.  
And our topic today is so fitting as I’m in Bali, totally disconnected from the world for 90% of my day. It’s The Power of Human Connection in an Online World. 

As you can probably guess...James and I both have a lot to say about it! 

So let’s jump right in.