Talking Leadership with doTERRA Founder Emily Wright

If I could point to one single person who has changed my life both personally and professionally more than anyone else, it would be my guest today.

I’ve interviewed a lot of people I would consider famous in the world of online business, but this episode is right up there at the top of my bucket list of guests. 

Today I have Emily Wright, the founder of doTERRA in the interview seat. 

Six and a half years ago I heard about doTERRA essential oils for the first time. I was a mom of a toddler, I was a yoga instructor with a passion to do something BIG in the world, but I wasn’t quite sure yet. 

I’d been through a massive career change and left my law practice to open my own yoga studio, but I still wasn’t quite happy. 
doTERRA was a breath of fresh air in my life. I was hooked the minute I started to dig into the company mission and culture, and my dream business was born because of what Emily created.

You know the rest of my story, but I moved quickly up the ranks in doTERRA and I’m now a Double Presidential Diamond with an amazing team under me. 

As I’ve built my organization I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Emily well, and she every bit as amazing, and compassionate, and brilliant in person as she comes across in interviews. 

Her dream for doTERRA provided a platform for my business dream to come true, and I am forever grateful.