Gut Health As It Relates to Sleep, Tissue Healing, and Everything Else with Special Guest Dr. Darren Taylor

My guest today, Dr. Darren Taylor, has been a friend of Wes and I’s for a while now. We always love hanging out with him and his wife Kristi when we travel for doTERRA events.

But I never actually saw his doctorness in action until we were in Puerto Vallarta a couple of months ago for our yearly incentives trip, and my husband Wes bit it hard on a wave out there.  The tide was ROUGH.

He had pulled a few muscles in his chest, smashed his head pretty hard and Dr. T was right there to take care of him as soon as he came out of the water. 

Dr. T had all of these cool machines and stretches he was having Wes do, and between that and the oils, Wes felt So Much better the next day...although he was still pretty sore. 

And come to find out, he’s very well known as an expert in the importance of gut health and how that impacts the entire body including tissue healing of injuries.

Makes sense right!

Have a listen to learn more about it.