Busy Is The New Crazy

As I’m recorded today’s episode, I could literally feel my heartbeat racing and my pulse pounding, because I had  just been reviewing my calendar with my assistant and I’m not going to lie, it was slightly overwhelming. 

I was literally booked for back to back appointments, with no breaks to even eat or check my emails, every day this week. 

And I know it’s because I’ve been traveling so much this past month and I haven’t been at my desk much...but I still had to draw a hard line in the sand and say no to some of my appointments this week to create some space in my schedule. 

But here’s the deal...I know it’s not just me. You’re probably right there with me. People everywhere are busier than ever.

And it’s getting worse. Like, it’s actually a little crazy. 

Today’s episode is all unpacking why Busy is the new Crazy, and what we can do about it.