Less is More: Time Blocking & Calendaring

Do you ever feel like you get to the end of your day and could use At Least 10 more hours to finish up everything you need to do?

I go through seasons when that happens to me over and over again, and I’m sure it’s no surprise that those are my least productive seasons. 

There’s nothing that will squash my creativity faster than feeling like I’m chasing the clock, or always running late, or playing catch up. 

And I’ve found that over the years as I’ve presented around the world and trained my team and mentored my students that So Many of them struggle with time management. 

In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s their number one struggle.

And I’m betting it’s probably yours too.

So I’m going to spend today’s episode teaching you how to create more Time in your day. 

No I obviously can’t give you more than 24 hours in a day. We’re all working on a level playing field there!

But I am going to teach you how to make the most out of every minute of Your day so that those 24 hours are working for you and not against you.