The Power of Human Connection with Special Guest Tom Chenault

Today’s show feels like sitting in my living room at home with a fire in the fireplace and some good food, talking across the couch to a dear friend. Because my guest today is a close friend of Wes and I’s and we go waaaay back.

He’s Tom Chenault. Yes, THE Tom Chenault if you’ve been a fan of MLM for a while the you know his name. 
Tom Chenault is a 28 year veteran of the MLM profession and is a successful top earner.

Having been a successful corporate airplane salesman and stockbroker, Tom just couldn't wrap his arms around the skill sets necessary to build and keep a big organization. Tom thought he could bully and buy his way to success, just like in corporate America. He admits, it doesn't work in this profession. You have to inspire and love people.

Tom hosts the longest running home based business radio show in the world. He has been the voice of Home Based Business and Network Marketing since 1999, interviewing the Who's Who of Network Marketing, and virtually every successful network marketer and trainer in the profession. Every Saturday he brings tremendous content and authors.

Tom, together with wife and partner Denice, have been featured on numerous stages, including Eric & Marina Worre’s GoPro Events, and in numerous articles and books, including The Four Year Career.

He’s really mastered how to leverage the power of human beings connecting on something that unites them so that he can meet a need instead of make a sale. And that’s what network marketing and MLM are all about.