Back to Basics: How to Create a Solid Foundation for Unstoppable Business Growth

You’ve heard me talk about b-school a lot over the past few weeks. This is what I call B-school season.

Marie Forleo has opened enrollment for this groundbreaking, game changing program for the next couple of weeks, then she closes it again for the rest of the year. 

So the energy and the hype around B-School this particular month is always off the charts. 

B-School is The educational program for entrepreneurs who want to start or build a business online. 

And it opened for enrollment yesterday! You’ve only got until March 1st to enroll if 2019 is your year, so today’s episode is all about helping you decide if your ready!

[Learn More About B-School]

I took the B-School 5 years ago and I’ve been an affiliate for it ever since because what I learned from Marie changed Everything for me as I was building my essential oils business online. 

And to share what I’ve learned with you, I’m offering you my B-School Bonus Experience for FREE when you enroll in B-School this year. + plus a super special fast action bonus if you enroll today! #notkidding

My B-School Bonus Experience includes:
  • The Socialize Your Social Media Course ($147)
  •  8 Weekly Facebook Live Coaching sessions with me in our private B School Experience FB group ($1200)
  •  One ticket to my Consciously Creating Your Whole You LIVE Event in August ($397)
  • Audio File Cliff Notes of Each week’s lesson Hayley’s Notes from Last Year ($160)
  • 2 months free of 3 Step Solutions: my website and CRM of choice! ($198)
That's a bonus package worth over $2000, yours totally FREE when you sign up to do B-School with me this year!

Anyway, I’ve been watching watching Marie’s free training series for the past few weeks, and it’s got me all nostalgic and thinking about what I as a person, and what my life was like when I started building my business online 5 years ago.

And I realized that where I was then, overwhelmed, unsure of how to start, and a little bit scared, is right where some of you who have a dream are right now. 

So I want to share with you 3 mindset corrections I had to make in order to pursue my dream, which was to build my business online. 
Listen to today’s episode to hear all about them!