3 Ways You Can Improve your Captions for Your Social Media Posts

Ya wanna know the number one reason why budding entrepreneurs quit posting on social media?

*Cue Jeopardy music*

Time is up...I'll tell you. 

Lack of Engagement. 

Like when you take the most beautiful picture of your product with the sun setting in the background, post it with a clever caption

Not one comment. And like 3 likes. One of them is your mom. 

The whole purpose of having a social feed is to bring dimension to your brand, help your ideal client better understand you so he or she feels connected to you, and inspire them to take action in some way… like by joining your email list, for example.

If you aren’t seeing this happen, chances are you’ve got some work to do with what you’re writing about. 

It isn’t always the algorithm’s fault. Sometimes it can just be your copy. #truthbomb for ya. 

But this means the problem is very fixable. 

And that’s what I’m going to share with you on today's episode - 3 ways you can improve your captions for your social posts.