How To Hack Your Social Engagement For Free

Something major happened with Instagram recently, my friends. Did you catch it?

Instagram removed likes from all their posts. Yep.

Gone-zo. Poof. 

Now, instead of seeing a tally of likes on a post, you’ll see something like “your mom and hundreds of others like this post” or “liked by thousands of people”.

Kinda weird, right?

It’s not all bad. Instagram’s idea here is to take away vanity metrics (people were obsessing about likes) and replace them with measurements that really show how valuable a post is. 

AKA… they want us to start focusing on engagement. And I can get behind that.

(Besides, as a content creator you can still see the exact # of likes your posts are getting when you look at your own profile). 

But if you’re sitting here starting to sweat a little because you don’t know how to optimize for engagement - or where to even begin to figure it out - you’re gonna wanna pay attention here. 

On today's episode I'm teaching you 3 ways you can hack your social engagement for free (in other words, no ad spend required).

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