It’s Hard Before It’s Amazing: 3 Ways To Set Intentions & Hit Your Next Level

Have you ever had a moment where you were on the verge of tears… in public?

You were doing your best to hold it back. But with every blink of your eye, the stinging got stronger.

Maybe you turned your head from side to side, willing the tears to absorb back into your eyeballs … but they just weren’t going to cooperate, so you let it go.

And with each drop, you felt a little less embarrassed, and a little more connected to yourself in that moment.

This was me a few weeks ago. 

I was standing in a crowded room, surrounded by other entrepreneurs who were each on their own journeys and most likely experiencing their own little ah-ha moments… but I didn’t even notice because I was so wrapped up in my own. 

Maybe it’s trite to say I was having a Come To Yoga moment, but I’m gonna say it anyway. 

Here’s why: you ever have a year that feels like it just.won’t.end? Every time you think you’ve hit the bottom of what it’s going to toss your way, it comes back with one more throw you didn’t see coming.

That’s been my 2019. 

And I'm diving into it on today's episode. If you're feeling brave, give it a listen!