If You Want To Succeed, You May Have To Get Over Yourself

There’s something many of you already know about me, especially if you’re a longtime listener of this podcast: I’m a fitness nut. 

Before I was involved in dōTERRA, before I was a performance life coach… before any of that, I was into fitness. In fact, I left my career as a lawyer in my 20s to pursue a career in fitness. 

I filled you in on that back in episode 72, where I shared about the time I got fired when I was working at a health club. And even though that pivotal moment is what moved me away from the fitness industry and into what I do now, the connections I made there and the work I did is still very much a part of my life. 

One of those connections is our guest today. Her name is Erin Carson.  Wes introduced me to her when I first moved to Boulder. At the time she was managing Rallysport Health and Fitness Club - now she is co-owner of it.  Anyway, back then, in 2005 - she asked me to run the Pilates program there. Our friendship started and grew from there. 

Fast forward a few decades to today, Erin is now making waves in the fitness industry through her personal training. Some of her clients include Triathlon and Ironman champions. She still is co-owner of Rally Sport Boulder, that health club where we first met, while simultaneously working her personal training biz. 

Oh and did I mention Erin is a former Canadian National Team basketball player and Division I basketball coach…?

AND that she just recently competed in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice.

I mean… total badass, right?

I have a theory about Erin, though, and her success. Because while her tenacity is impressive, she has this quality about her that so many performance entrepreneurs have: her ability to take massive action. 

And not “dwell” on situations.  But just MAKE decisions.

Go ahead and give this listen to find out what makes Erin tick, and how she's using her drive to consciously create a life she loves.