Let's Rewire How You Look At Fear

I remember that feeling so vividly.

Cruising on the bike… If I could just maintain my position, I’d gain all the distance on the run…

I was on fire.

And just like that I was flat out on the ground.  

And the pain in my hip was unbelievable.

What had just happened?

Was my race over?  After all those months of training?  All those sessions?  All that commitment?

Yes. It was.  

Someone had tacked the course and my tire popped. Unbelievable

And on top of it I knew I was completely out of commission for a while.  

My knee was tweaked too.

My GAWD.  I had poured so much into this season.  These races.  This National Championship.  

And just like that it was over.  And not on my timeline.

Did you know that about me? What a huge failure that was for me?

And how afraid I was afterwards to get back on the bike (No pun intended) and put that kind of commitment into my training again for fear of it being taken away just like that again?

Fear twists your mind, doesn’t it? It simultaneously gets your body pumping while mentally bringing on wild thoughts you can’t control.

If you want to hear more about this, I interviewed a hypnotherapist for the Whole You podcast. 

Say whah?  Yeah, I did!

My friend, Elliot  how he uses his method to coach super high performers (like professional athletes, high stakes poker players, for example) to overcome their fears through hypnotherapy.