Using Social Media to Find Your Ideal Client with Special Guest Jill Winger

My guest today is Jill Winger! Jill and I have doTERRA in common. We’re both Presidential Diamonds with this amazing company and we incorporate oils into our family life daily...but how we do it looks Completely different.

Jill Winger is the brilliance behind The Prairie Homestead, and she really does live out that livestyle one hundred and ten percent.

We’re talking a wood burning stove and farm animals and a compost pile.

And she invites her community into her world in such a beautiful and authentic way.

Jill didn't grow up on a ranch, or a farm, or even on acreage, but she's always had an unexplainable craving for the rural way of life.

She accidentally came across the modern day homesteading movement by way of a compost pile.

Since then, she's embraced every part of her newfound lifestyle and is passionate about encouraging others to pursue a more simple way of life, even if they live in a less-than-ideal location.

She is the owner and editor of the popular Prairie Homestead blog where she shares her homesteading adventures and failures on a regular basis.

She resides in Wyoming with her husband, kids, and a collection of farm animals