Saving the Day with Systems with Special Guest Liz Tennyson

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Most people have a love-hate relationship with the ‘ol email inbox.

If I asked you to looked at your email inbox would there be 700 unread emails?

Ack! I’m having heart palpitation just thinking about it.

Do you set aside time every day to read your emails?

If I went even 2 days I would probably have 700 unread emails.

Not only do I read my emails, I send out a lot of emails too!

One email I never forget to send out is my weekly update to my subscriber list!

It gives my readers a little insight into my life, biz and coaching.

In today’s podcast I have a very special guest: Liz Tennyson.

She’s and I go way back!

Not only is she on my doTERERA team, but I have seen her killing it in the online system marketing space.

Here’s her official bio:

Liz Tennyson is a self proclaimed tech nerd who is also fascinated with the body and mind.  As a certified health coach searching to automate her first online info product, it was funnels that started to bring all the possibilities together of how she chooses to add value to the world.

She helps soul driven female entrepreneurs create the trifecta in building a business online by coaching and building systems for clients to achieve the level of Mastery in these three areas:  Mindset, Marketing and Automations (MMA) :)

Combining her love for coaching, marketing and technology she strives to be the best support team to clients. Growing brands quickly from zero to 6 and 7 figure businesses after implementing her signature MMA trifecta.  Ultimately delivering their message to the marketplace.

Listen in for her insight and tips on how to cut through that inbox in no time at all...