Stop Being An Employee and Start Being a Boss!

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My entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t take vacation.

The other day my daughter reminded me of what an entrepreneurial mindset really is.

She’s obsessed with these little dolls called Shoppies (they’re basically the love child of Shopkins).

It’s insane how many of these dolls she’s collected.

Her grandparents recently bought her a Shoppie house complete with couches, beds, and chairs with little animal faces.

A week later when she asked me to buy her another Shoppie for her growing posse, you know what I said?

I told my 8 year old doll obsessed daughter to get a j-o-b.

I expected her to offer to do some work for me. But she didn’t.

Instead she said “Okay mom, I’ll start a new series on my YouTube channel.”

Which got me thinking about the stark contrast between the employee mindset and the entrepreneurial mindset.