How to Rise to Your Highest Potential and Find the MORE You’re Looking For with Special Guest Jordan Kemper

Hey my friends! Hayley Hobson here and welcome to the Whole You where we embrace consciously watching your thoughts, your dreams, so you can live your life your way.

What I like most about meeting and talking with Entrepreneurs is their success stories. Each story is so unique.

Entrepreneurs come from all different kinds of backgrounds and walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, male or female…entrepreneurship is a different path for everyone.

After hearing personally so many stories...It’s really inspiring to know entrepreneur isn’t a formula, but a mindset with a few learned skills along the way.

Take me for example….College, Law School, Career, Pilates, Entrepreneur

But there are nearly a billion other ways and roads to becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s that exciting?

A few years ago, I was super impressed with a young man I met at a Go Pro event. He kinda had this baby face, but the way he carried himself and spoke I thought, “WOW, how old is this guy?”.

Come to find out he was about 24 years and my mouth fell open!

To have that kind of success so young! It blew my mind.

At the time I had no marketers (that young) were crushing it as entrepreneurs. Come to realize, it’s not as uncommon as I thought.

Jordan Kemper was embracing being an entrepreneur and he wasn’t “letting his age” keep him from his dreams.

I ’m happy to have Jordan on today so that he can teach us that “age is just a number” because when you’re really dialed into what you want - there is always a way!

Let’s get a little background about Jordan.... 
After graduating from Wheaton College, Jordan decided to forego medical school to begin his journey of entrepreneurship. His passion for health and wellness led him to build his first company, which now serves more than ten thousand customers. He has traveled the world and appeared on stages before thousands of people with other inspirational experts such as Dr. Oz, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and John C. Maxwell. Today, he spends much of his time consulting for growing companies. Jordan was a Midwest kid raised in Rockford, Illinois. He and his wife, Kristen, now live in Tampa, Florida and enjoy travel, fishing, food, spending time with friends, and hanging at home with their dog Ella.

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