Do You Love A Good Deal?
The special this month is too good to resist…KEEP SCROLLING and you’ll find even more enticing bonuses to sweeten the deal.


Post Convention Together Kits are available for purchase! 

For a limited time only, you can get your hands on the brand new products announced at doTERRA's 2019 Global Convention. Plus, when you purchase your Kit in October you'll get three bonus products for FREE. 
Your 3 free products are Copaiba oil, Copaiba softgels and Yellow Mandarin oil!

Here's what's in the Post Convention Together Kit:
Yarrow | POM Body Renewal Serum
Yarrow | POM Cellular Beauty Complex
Peppermint Softgels
Turmeric DuoCaps
doTERRA Touch Tamer with carabiner
Black Spruce 5 mL
Lemon Eucalyptus 15 mL
Celery Seed 15 mL
Citronella 15 mL
Adaptive Capsules
Adaptive Touch
Adaptive 15 mL

The Product of the Month is Clementine! You'll get one for free when you process your
Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) of 125 PV or more before October 15th.

Plus in June get 20% off Roman Chamomile

Before I discovered Essential Oils, I couldn't sleep…

My skin looked dull and don’t even get me started on all my digestive discomfort.

I was searching for balance and happiness and believed a change in career would be the answers to my stress.
Little did I know, it came in a small, yet powerful bottle of Citrus Bliss.

Opening a wholesale account or becoming a wellness advocate with doTERRA is a smart move.

Here's Why

  • The more you use your essential oils, the better you’ll feel
  • If you’re tired, feeling anxious, and done with tossing and turning at night…There’s an oil for that!
  • You have just acquired an extended family of oil junkies to support you every step of the way
I told you this month’s special is too good to pass up…
When you open a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate with one of the “enrollment kits” doTERRA offers, you already get a SWEET deal. You save a ton of money (as opposed to piece-mealing the product together), get super awesome sign-on benefits from doTERRA themselves and…. I’m going to put the icing on the cake for you this month with even more goodies:
With A Home Essentials Kit you’ll receive the awesome “basics” PLUS!
  • Access to my Instagram Story Crash Course, Keeping Your Sanity Social Media Content Calendar: and My Social Media Playbook (valued at $149) - if you're building a business, you will WANT these for sure.
  • A free 30 min one on one coaching session with me
  • A beautiful new diffuser - Yes, I have one in EVERY room of my house
  • 10% back in product credits on every future order - that's FREE product monthly!
With the purchase of a Natural Solutions kit you’ll ALL THAT AND….
  • Free Access to my course (valued at $497) - signature course!
  • A free 100 PV credit to use after your next order with doTERRA - MORE free product!
  • Miscellaneous free products totaling $250 in your kit as opposed to going a la carte!
  • 15% back in product credits on every future order - yes, FREE product again!

With an Every Oil or Diamond Kit, you’ll receive ALL THAT AND...
  • Free 200 or 400 PV credit respectively w/ those kits, to use after your next order w/ doTERRA
  • Free products totaling $450 or $650 in your kit as opposed to going a la carte!
  • 20 - 25% back in product credits on every future order - Yes Yes Yes - even MORE free product
  • Free access to my course (valued at $997) - this is MY Diamond course!