Aren’t you tired of hearing the same old business advice over and over again? 

-The riches are in the niches

-Provide value

-Stay consistent and blah, blah, blah!

You’re getting more and more confused about what to do to grow your business. Finding the lightning bolt of motivation you need to drive your confidence and sales has felt more like an itchy rash than a jolt of clarity.

You may have heard this once, twice or even a bazillion times, but Baby, Baby, Baby--You never heard it like this from me. So lean in closer.

The only thing between you and the widely successful business you love is your decision to consciously create it. 

You want a brand that makes Instagram influencers drool with envy.

You want everyday to bring you one step closer to your entrepreneurial dreams.

You want to build a business without reinventing the wheel or coming up with a revolutionary product.

You want to unlock the power of your brain and unleash your unique spin into the marketplace. 

I’ve got a gift for you..

One word: B-School.

Two words: Clarity. Machine.

Three words: Business. On. Fire.

Marie Forleo's B-School is only open for registration ONCE a YEAR and Right Now it's open for YOU.

Stuck at the starting point? Of everything? 
Not after this.

Plus, When you register, remember I am giving you several bonuses 
to help you grow personally and professionally...

- The Socialize Your Social Media Course ($147)

- 8 Weekly Facebook Live Coaching sessions with me in our private B School Experience FB group ($1200)

- One ticket to my Consciously Creating Your Whole You LIVE Event in August ($397)

- Audio File Cliff Notes of Each week’s lesson Hayley’s Notes from Last Year ($160)

2 months free of 3 Step Solutions: my website and CRM of choice! ($198)

That's a bonus package worth almost $2000, yours totally FREE when you sign up to do B-School with me this year!


What People Are Saying...

 On my first coaching me call with Hayley, she triggered a belief in me that I can literally create and realize my own potential based on MY decisions to think and focus on high quality thoughts After our call, I felt strong, capable, and committed to my goals, dreams and success. Hayley’s coaching isn’t theoretical. She literally walks her talk which makes her coaching highly effective, and real. She has a lot to offer the serious entrepreneur that wants to lead a juicy, fun, meaningful life on her terms
Gladys Hedaya

B School IS for you if:

You don’t have a surplus of time to test - reset - and abandon every tactic the “Good Idea Fairy” sprinkles over you.

You see a future where you have the courage to accept your position as the CEO of your business and mission in life.

You want a business that makes people want to crush on you, buy from you, and tattoo your logo on their foot. (That’s really a thing.)


If you’ve been looking for the one program that has the benefit of 10 years of improvements, a community that actually answers your questions and doesn’t make you feel like a dweeb for asking AND gives you a lifetime of support and training, THEN my Dear, you are welcomed in B-School.
B School is NOT for you if:

A cheesy bundled package of tired old videos. Each module is modern and paced to create success on any level..

An overly tech-heavy course that requires you know how to code your own website to get the true benefits. Even my 10-year old could start a thriving business with Marie’s Magic.

A steroid injected sleaze-fest of Do It or Die trainings that make you question if you just joined a cult or a community. B-school is for fun people who want to do business right. Tweak. And do it better.

Let's Get It!