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6 Weeks to Healthier Habits & Holistic Happiness

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Quick question for you: Have you ever caught yourself doing these things? 
You’re about to share a story on Instagram of the adorable joke your daughter just told but first you push the chip bag out of the way so no one sees the food you keep in your house and feed your kids.

Or you’re prepping to rearrange the fridge because guests are coming, and you hope they don’t find the secret bottle of shaker cheese your partner insists on having on the spaghetti that can’t be eaten without it? Yep. #beenthere 
Or, maybe you can relate to this one? 
You go to bed, alarm is set for 6am with the goal of working out, while at the same time under your breath you whisper “that will give me 1, 2, 3, 4 hours of sleep. I doubt it, but we’ll see…” 

Then come 6am you end up hitting snooze five times and by that time...your day is ready to begin without you.

UGH, no workout. Again...
I remember being there and feeling like such a hot mess.

Sure, to my friends and family, I talked about being healthier and I really wanted to make a change for good but the reality is that most of my life, I couldn’t make it happen.

I didn’t know how to stop the overwhelm + create better habits that would actually serve me and my life... 
Until one day, something changed.

Hi! My name is Hayley Hobson, and I’m a former hot mess turned holistic badass and happiness boss babe and I’m here to tell you that if I could find a way to kick the unhealthy habits in my life, you can too.

Back then, in my head I knew logically, the habits I had to change in order to feel better.

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Does this list of "must do's" look familiar to you?

✔ Go to bed earlier 
✔ Get more sleep
✔ Eat more vegetables 
✔ Stop buying packaged snacks
✔ Turn off the TV 
✔ Drink more water 
✔ Assign due dates to my goals 
✔ Exercise 
✔ Pop a vitamin or two
Then one morning, I woke up and literally looked at myself in the mirror and said, "F This. I need some real help."

(Check me out in my hot mess years, #nicedenim) -->
I had no idea where to begin. I just knew I had to start somewhere.

Can you relate?
That day I took every Snapple Iced Tea and diet soft drink along with the sugar free everything I had in my pantry (which, back then, meant full of something else like crap...not natural sweeteners) and I tossed them all out.
Yep. Gone. Buh-bye. 
My family complained. They hated coming over but eventually, they got used to it. 
Everyone started drinking more water and stopped asking for the artificial shiz.

(BTW today,… my 10 year old, Madeline, willingly drinks non-dairy probiotic beverages and eats seaweed snacks. Sometimes I have to pinch myself so I won’t shout with joy from the mountaintops when I catch her enjoying this stuff.)

I kinda couldn’t believe it was that easy, so I decided to tackle  another “bad habit” I had: constantly scrolling my devices at night. 

You ever do that? You go to bed and before you know it 2 hours have gone by and you've spent that time catching up on FB + IG instead of your zzZZzzs.

One night, before bed, I put my phone in a drawer + my laptop in another room to see what would happen...
My bedroom was on a totally separate floor so if I got the urge it would require me to: 
1️⃣Get out of my warm, cozy bed; 

2️⃣Find a light source, walk down the hall and then down the steps while not waking anyone in the process; 

3️⃣Grab my phone in the middle of the night to check it like some phone-crazed maniac.

I guess you could say I literally shamed myself into ignoring my phone all night but it actually worked.
I stopped mindlessly scrolling at night for hours, which meant … as it turned out… I was capable of falling asleep on my own without the aid of blue light and some hilarious Bachelor memes.
All this time I thought I needed time to “shut my brain off” but really what I needed was to drop my phone in a drawer.
I kept making more and more of these tiny changes, one-by-one.
Today, these small incremental changes have amounted to a life built on healthier habits and holistic happiness.
If I’d have told that woman whose daily uniform was LuluLemon (only to go grocery shopping, because she never really worked out) that she’d one day be a fitness freak + essential oil junkie + wellness expert well…
I’d have chucked my full fat, dairy-masked latte at myself in disbelief!

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Here’s the thing. 
The more I built these habits... the healthier I felt.

The healthier I felt, the happier I was.
I started looking pretty damn good too if I must say, and more and more people started commenting as such.
Actually, let me back up. 
They weren’t really asking me at what I was doing at all. Instead they started giving me a side-eye of disbelief. #skeptics

And when I pursued becoming a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition they got even more curious.


And when I graduated from the program and began sharing what I was learning… well let’s just say they were pretty dumb-founded. #believers
My friends wanted to know: “how did this happen, Hayley? What did you do differently?”
So I told them. 

Little by little. Bit by bit. And with each hack and tip I shared… like hitting those Yoga classes before work, or tossing back my wellness shots (these are the non-alcoholic shots).....they got real curious and started making changes, too. 

It was like I’d stumbled onto this secret mind ninja trick for building healthier habits & finding total holistic happiness. I knew if I could do this, I could help someone like YOU do it, too.
I’d found a system that could be replicated and knew I had to share it. Plus, the knowledge I’d gained while becoming a Certified Health Coach gave me an edge because I finally understood the science behind our bodies. 

So, I ended up taking everything I’d learned - from the basics to the more advanced - and wrote it all out. 

And that, my friend, is the course I'm offering you today.

The challenge is made up of 6 bite-sized, incremental habits I knew an overwhelmed, tired, yearning-for-a-healthier-life hot mess like yourself could find the time to build (with my guidance).

✔️In between packing lunches and wiping bottoms, you can pop a couple supplements (and know exactly which ones - with my help). 

✔️In between signing permission slips and scraping crumbs out of the car seat, you can check your calendar and know exactly what you've got going next so there's no panic or overwhelm (and rely on some pretty cool apps - with my help).

✔️In between catching up on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (you’re killin’ us, Shonda!) and remembering to switch out the laundry, you can prep a killer evening routine and map out your next day (the details of which you ironed out with my help). 

I’m calling this challenge Your Whole You: 6 Weeks to Healthier Habits & Holistic Happiness because my name is Hayley Hobson and I love the letter H.

Well that and you’ll literally learn how to become the glowing, healthy, well-adjusted badass babe you keep dreaming about just by making the simple changes I outline for you in the course.
Disclaimer: your kids will probably still be wild and crazy small humans, but on the plus side, they’ll at least stop eating boxed mac and cheese. I think that’s a win.

Now listen, I get it…. 

I’m channeling my laser vision into your inbox and I see…
  • ...the free downloads promising you’ll eat a better diet in 2 steps
  • ...the courses you’ve already purchased to teach yourself how to garden at home
  • ...the podcasts you’ve saved to listen to later about sleep habits
  • ...and the blog posts you’ve pinned on that dusty ‘Good Health Ideas To Try” board
It’s easy to stall out when you’re not quite at the “F This” phase. Or when you’re more into the idea of a healthy life than the actual living the healthy life part.

So if you fall into either of those buckets… it’s okay if you bounce right now. I’ll be here when you’re ready.
But if you’re sick of tossing an empty Doritos bag in the trash again while wondering what the heck kombucha is, or what's all the hype about sprouted seeds (you think you saw them in the grocery store) ...

....then I invite you to keep reading.
Take my virtual hand and let’s see what some others have had to say about the healthy hacks I’ve shown them, shall we?

With my system of small, incremental changes organized as the roadmap of The Your Whole You Challenge it's possible to build healthier habits & find your version of holistic happiness.

  • Maybe your version of holistic happiness looks like having the energy to clear just one pile of papers from the desk and actually put it all away… and reap the reward of order and reduced overwhelm.

With The Your Whole You Challenge, you'll have access to my course which teaches a system of reducing clutter and increasing calm in your home.

  • Maybe your version of holistic happiness looks like adding one more glass of water to your daily intake, instead of reaching for another cup of coffee… and then realizing that means you can fall asleep on time.

Your Whole You teaches you how to create diet and lifestyle habits that increase your energy and productivity.

  • Maybe your version of holistic happiness looks like making those DIY recipes you've seen online that you know support your immune system ... and finally having the resources to know what actually goes into making them.

Your Whole You teaches you systems you need to have in place in order to make these kinds of changes a reality.

  • Maybe your version of healthier habits & holistic happiness means bumping up your alarm and making the choice to wake up earlier…. So you can get that walk in (and maybe up your game even more and finally listen to that podcast you’ve been waiting to listen to for what feels like 50 years).

Your Whole You teaches you how to setup routines and habits that effectively create your dream life. Because you should never settle for less than your dreams, right?

See what others have had to say about The Your Whole You Course Challenge:

The Your Whole You Challenge: 6 Weeks to Healthier Habits is about...
Real tips. 
Real results. 
☀ Real actions you can take.

Contained in a simple, easy-to-follow roadmap with me as your guide. Wanna know what that looks like?  Read on, babe!

The Your Whole You Challenge: 6 Weeks to Healthier Habits & Holistic Happiness is a 6 week program that includes:

Week 1

Your Whole You, From The Inside Out

You'll learn:
  • How to visualize, manifest and then make a commitment to yourself you’ll stick with it (which means no abandoning ship halfway through)
  • Instructions on setting reasonable intentions, NOT GOALS, that will carry you through the next 6 weeks (and beyond)

By the end of Week 1, you'll have a clear vision, you'll have set your goals  + know how to make them happen. 

Week 2

Your Whole Nutrition
You'll learn:
  • How to turn monotonous food tasks (like grocery shopping… ugh…) into an automated system that anyone in your household can do
  • How to transform your fridge and pantry into places where you’ll fling the door open and yell “come on, kids! Help yourselves! Mama’s stocked it with all the healthy stuff!”
  • How to understand what the F supplements are, why you need them, which ones to take and how to make them part of your routine instead of popping a gummy before you grab your car keys.

By the end of Week 2, you'll have earned back hours of time due to your awesome automation systems, cleaned up your fridge + pantry, and will have started a nutrition plan (no gummies allowed!).

Week 3

Your Whole Home 

You'll learn:
  • How to create a home environment that will no longer be anxiety-inducing when you walk in the door.
  • How to put systems in place that take the small, repetitive tasks (time-sucks) off your plate so you free yourself to do other things. 
  • How to swap out your cleaning supplies with products that won’t have you calling poison control if someone accidentally ingested them.

By the end of Week 3, you'll have simplified your home, created systems that bring calm and balance and started the process of natural cleaning.

Week 4

Your Whole Night’s Sleep

You'll learn:
  • How to create easy, evening routines for yourself that result in better Zzzz's and more productive days.
  • Which products you should get your hands on in order make those routines a reality (and no, they are not all essential oils, in case you’re wondering)

By the end of Week 4, you'll finally be getting a better night's sleep. You'll have the tools to create a routine that results in better rest... which brings about more creativity and much more productive days.

Week 5

Your Whole-Istic Hacks

You'll learn:
  • How to get rid of all the "stuff" stuffed in your closets and drawers and only invest in (and keep) products which will support your new routines.
  • How to up your game with the new nutritional choices you started making in Week 2 by learning which vitamins, minerals, enzymes, supplements + more are essential to round out your total health.
  • How to hack your health and wellness holistically but implementing solutions to treating common stuff like digestive discomfort, coughs and sore throats (and saving you an F ton of time by not traipsing back and forth to the pharmacy).

By the end of Week 5, you'll seriously start feeling like a badass wellness babe with all your new hacks under your belt which means you can stop feeling confused about gut health, how to strengthen your immune system and what how to really stay on track.

Week 6

Your Whole Productivity
You'll learn:
  • My super simple yet effective task and time management system plus the specific apps I use (all free tools) to make the productivity the magic happen
  • The one trick that’s super powerful for giving yourself clarity as you graduate the program and start setting new intentions
  • How to stop feeling like your day is running you and what shifts to make so you can run your day instead

By the end of Week 6, you'll be able to kiss goodbye your overwhelm and anxiety about not getting to "all the things" ... because you'll have systems in place that keep your time and tasks organized.
Now, I could’ve left it at that and you’d have been set.
But I remembered all the research I did at the beginning. Hours of Googling and Alexa’ing and Siri’ing and it’s time I wish I had back because RN I’d use it to down a turmeric latte. 
I figured I’d save you the hassle and give you these two bonuses:

The Whole You Workbook (28 pages)

The workbook does this for you:

  • Provides space for you to get creative and work out your plan
  • Acts as your Holistic Wellness Bible through the process so you can track your progress week by week
  • Gives you a reason to be accountable because when you write something down .. it’s real (don’t worry, I won’t ask you to share anything you’ve written unless you want to share it)
6 Weeks of Supplemental Materials (20 pages)

The materials do this for you:

  • Lists of websites, apps, and blogs to keep in your back pocket to bring these changes to life
  • DIY recipes for everything from cleaning supplies to immune-supporting juices
  • Lists of products to make your habit-building a breeze (they’re all my personal recommendations, so you know they’re good)
Normally, I’d price The Your Whole You Challenge: 6 Weeks to Healthier Habits & Holistic Happiness at $997 -- 
But today it’s $197

Healthy Habits & 

Holistic Happiness

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And because I so strongly believe in this, I’m willing to give you a 30 day money back guarantee if I don't deliver what I said I'd deliver.  All you have to do is email and I’ll give you your money back… no questions asked as long as you can show me you put in the work. *The SUPER VIP package is only refundable for 50% of the price because you'll keep the product I send you.  

But I promise this course actually works (as long as you put the work into it… with my help, of course ;) )
And hey, since I’m all about helping as much as I can… I thought I’d offer this super sweet, FAST-ACTION BONUS. Ya ready for it?
Get Access to Me – ($997 Value)

Okay that came out weird. What I mean is I will do a weekly 30 minute Q&A Facebook Live with as you go through the course week by week (this means access to my knowledge! Live!). You can get your burning questions answered in real time. 
Now just so you know (I mean, by now we’re friends… right?) I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep the price this way. I know I’ve made it affordable, but I can’t give it away at this price forever. 
Just sayin’ I wouldn’t hesitate because the price may go up next week, next month or tomorrow. I haven’t decided yet. But for sure it’s going up.  I just figured, I’d release it to you first at this crazy pants price because you’ve been such a loyal friend and follower.

Before you decide and if you haven’t already...

Think about this: where will you be next week if you don’t start today?
You might be scraping out carseat crumbs while juggling phone calls wishing for a better way to manage your time... whereas you could be dominating your day and able to manage your time like a pro.
Or stuffing a handful of cheese puffs in your mouth that your kid left on her lunch plate while hoping you can scarf an apple later because you haven’t prepped any meals for yourself.... whereas you could grab a prepped meal from the fridge that's ready to go because you had the forethought + systems in place to stock your fridge.

You’ll be snapping at your partner about that silly habit they have because the truth is you’re just tired but you feel like you can’t ever catch up on rest... whereas you could feel well-rested and emotionally + mentally balanced because your routine is on point and you're getting the sleep you need.
And thinking thoughts of being a hot mess and worrying everyone’s gonna find out you aren’t as with it as you thought your IG feed led people to believe will continue to haunt you... whereas you could be confidently putting your badass self out into the world with no shame or embarrassment.
I want you to have healthier habits + holistic happiness that makes your life what you've been dreaming of and hoping for. 

I want you to start making simple, incremental changes that are going to turn those bummers around into you becoming the holistic badass and happiness boss babe who is already inside of you… just waiting for the systems, ideas and tips that will let her out. 

Ready to get started?


Nothing. But that may be a problem for you.  Because you landed her for a reason. You do want something to happen.  You want to change a few habits.  Find a few hacks.  Something that will leave you feeling more empowered and certainly less frantic and disorganized.  So what will happen, if you do not invest in this program, is that you will be in the same, exact spot you are in right now. So, if that’s cool with you’re ok staying on the hot mess express.  Feel free to pass.  No hard feelings.


Yes.  If you listen to the modules and incorporate a few simple and sustainable changes in your life.  And for this price? You’d be crazy not to try it.  It’s worth one good night’s sleep alone.

You won’t.  The video training and accompanying supporting documents are completely self-explanatory and simple to follow.  But in the event you still have questions, you’ll have access to a private (but active) Facebook community into which you can pop a question any time.


Each module (or video training) is approximately 5-12 minutes long. You’ll probably want to spend a few minutes after each module journaling and potentially 1-2 hours a week setting up new systems and implementing them.


People with NO budget. I will be delivering an extensive, but simple program over the 8 weeks but you must be willing to invest in the course itself and invest the time in yourself.   
People who are happy exactly where they are and are not looking to level up their productivity, tap into new lifestyle hacks which will save them time or feel their best both physically and emotionally. 
People who don’t want to put in the work.  Going from a B game to an A game will mean making some changes.  Changing a few habits.  Putting in a little work.  If you are a person whose not that open-minded or doesn’t like change, this probably isn’t for you. 
The “Know It All”. You know the kind of person I’m talking about.  The person who says, “Yeah, I’ve heard all that before” or “I can figure all this out on my own.” Perfect, if you figure it out, happy googling.  I’d rather not have that type of person in the program. I’m super picky about who I hang out with and I want to protect the vibe of the program. 

Have a question? I'm here to help! Send me an email at