You don’t wanna get stuck trying to grow your business on your personal Facebook page. Or expect your posts to get
hundreds of qualified leads commenting in your DMs if you haven’t taken this course...

This course bundle covers 5 key foundational factors to attract YOUR custom
audience and get more bang for your buck with ADS which convert.

If you want to build your business with a galaxy of super star leads...




Price: $147
What You Will Learn:

Facebook Ad Pro-Planning

Use this facebook ad PROs-Only method to optimize your advertising dollars to work
profitably and without the dreaded Facebook ‘Budget Burn’ beginner advertisers
experience using trial - and - error methods.

Eye-Catching Content Ad Strategy for
Facebook and Instagram:

Use these key templates and trigger words to avoid writing ads that commit the
3 sins of Ad Writing: (1) Writing to people who don’t care. (2) Attracting clickers who will NEVER take action
(3) Repelling ideal leads with weak language that does not convert qualified leads to raging fans and customers.

Straightforward answers to your most
momentum stopping questions:

Frustrated with conflicting online advice? Overwhelmed with the frequent changes in
guidelines and on your platforms? You CAN get to the bottom of how to make
marketing and advertising work in your business for good!

Discover Hayley’s Ad Strategy

It is the most reliable way to run your ads and get $3 back for every $1 you spend using
her THREE basic steps no one else is talking about.
(spoiler : it’s NOT what everybody else is doing.)

How Facebook and Instagram Stories 
have catapulted her business

and why Stories are the NEW Wild Wild West of Advertising for reducing ad spend,
maximizing the quality of your leads and claiming a foothold in your industry.


Meet Your Coaches

Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson


Jack Kosakowski

Jack Kosakowski


Hayley Hobson is a holistic entrepreneur who helps new enterprising go - getters consciously create a lifestyle and business they love. Her Consciously Creating the Whole You Brand started just 7 years ago and today has launched more than 4 courses, 2 coaching programs and globally positioned her as one of the most powerful women in network marketing.

Over the last several years, she’s been responsible for coaching and empowering hundreds of women (and men) in their quest to build a business for themselves, or simply getting what they want with less effort and stress with her simple approaches.

Will this work for you? Is this the right time?
Is this worthwhile?

Umm...yes!... Yes!...and You can bet your next Sale YES!!

  •  You want to invest in your biz by staying up-to-date on what’s working TODAY with Facebook and Instagram advertising in your market.
  •  You want to develop a Facebook advertising strategy that delivers a quantifiable return on your investment.
  •  You want to find and focus on the online “persona” because you know you’ve got to have more conversations so your business will grow quickly.
  •  You want to ride the wave of Facebook and Instagram profits so your business won’t be left behind wishing it had joined the thousands of other online businesses dipping their fingers in the advertising jackpot.