How to Make Your Social Media “Snackable”

You like snacks, right?

Everybody likes snacks.

Well did ya know you can make your social media content “snackable”?

And everyone will love it just as much as frozen grapes. 

BTW, have you ever had those? They’re sooooo yummy.

I promise you I’m not pulling your leg…

Next time you go to the grocery store, grab some green grapes… give ‘em a good wash… and pop ‘em in the freezer for a few hours.

Life. Changing.

I got this idea years ago from Pinterest.

Which reminds me – in this week’s podcast, I interview Rachel Ngom. Who is a maaaajor business Pinterest expert.

If you have “snackable” content (whether that’s literal snack recipes or tidbits of content you want to offer for free)...

Because it’s a massively underutilized platform for online biz owners – and offline ones who have great value to offer online too!

So today, I want to share a few tips about what makes content snackable… and how you can use it to attract new people on social media – and boost engagement.

How to Make Your Social Media “Snackable”

So first of all… what is “snackable” content?

It’s simply a super fun word for short form content. This blog, for example, is long-form content.

Short-form content is super hot. 

I mean just look at the popularity of TikTok… and memes… and gifs… 

And you’ll see what I mean.

Which is a perfect lead-in to my first hack for ya.

Hack #1: Segment your long form content.

Did your mom ever make you “split” a popsicle with your sibling?

When popsicles had two sticks? 

Now I’m curious… do they even make those anymore?

(TBH I kinda feel sticky just looking at this, LOL)

Well, if that’s an experience you had, you can do the same thing with your long form content.

Let’s say you cover 3 points inside a podcast… blog… or newsletter.

Separate each of them out and BOOM – you’ve got yourself some snackable content.

You can dedicate a whole week to a particular topic and use your long-form piece as the source material. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

No one has time (or frankly, interest) to read a full-on novel on social media.

You literally have like 1-2 seconds to capture someone’s attention.

It’s totally appropriate (even ideal) to take your glorious content… and break it down to nugget-sized bits.

Look at your content and see what would be a nice little snippet of content you could use as a caption.

Is there a piece of wisdom you can share?

A quick sound bite that would get your ideal customer or client to stop her scroll and read more?

When it comes to content, your long-form material is actually a goldmine you can go back to over and over again…

Hack #2: Turn your content “snacks” into different formats.

Much like my frozen grape hack… room temp grapes are delish too. 

And so are fresh-from-the-fridge ones. 

Don’t get me started on frozen ones cut in half and dropped into some sparkling water. #yummmmm

Point being… you get to slice and dice your content up in different ways – and it’ll still be enjoyable.

Voila… you magically just made more content out of your already delightfully-snackable content.

Applying this hack will also teach you a lot about what your community resonates with.

Let’s say you broke your blog down into a few bite-sized pieces.

Could you use that material in your Stories?

Maybe create a poll? A quiz? Or give them a “This or That?” option.

If you haven’t delved into Stories yet, you’d be surprised at just how many options you have to give your content a “snack remix”. 

Maybe you’re not into Stories just yet…

Would your content do better as a carousel? As in multiple images in the same post to tell a story? 

Or create value so your community decides to save it… or share it?

That’s a super simple way to repurpose your snackable content into a new form – while still adding value.

Hack #3: Use quotes.

Quotes can be from your own content or from someone who resonates with you.

And it’s super popular content.

Just make sure you choose a quote that’s short enough for people to consume it quickly… and use your caption to tie it into your biz.

Short poems also work.

Personally, when I use quotes, I tend to go funny… or emotional.

Both of those angles get tons of responses.

Because they’re about connection.

The people who resonate with the quote you’ve chosen are much more likely to be your people.

Like for me, if someone doesn’t know this quote…

It’s highly unlikely she’s gonna vibe with me and my biz. 

Because Amy Pohler and I are soulmates. (I think Wes would be ok with it, LOL).

And I use this kind of humor to connect with my community. 

To filter out the people who aren’t ideal for me to work with… and for whom I’m not the ideal fit either.

And ya know what? 


Not everything (or everyone) is meant for you. It’s ok to accept that – even embrace it.

(BTW, pretty sure once Amy Poehler and I meet IRL… we’re gonna be besties. If you’re reading this, Amy, HMU girlfriend… @hayleyhobson

Hack #4: Lean into short form video.

Yeah yeah, I hear it all the time… “I suck at video.”

But remember what I said about social media? How you’ve got 1-2 seconds max to capture someone’s attention?

Because video has motion in it, it’s an instant scroll-stopper. Or at least a scroll-slower. 

You don’t need to do this perfectly. Mistakes actually make you much more relatable.

And popular apps like Instagram and TikTok have tons of built in features to make creating video content easy – and fun!

Take a look back at your long form content… what could you turn into a super short video?

Maybe you decide to…

  • Demo your product real quick.
  • Share a pro tip.
  • Bring light to a common problem people have… and 1 simple way to solve it.
  • Use popular memes, gifs, or music to punctuate a point.
  • Make your pets finally earn their keep.

No one says you have to be face-forward in every single video. 

There are plenty of ways to use your personality to make your brand relatable.

But don’t take this to mean it’s ok to hide your gorge face all the time. 

As humans, we relate to other humans. 

And research backs that up.

There’s even research that says showing your face on Instagram racks up almost 40% more likes… and 32% more comments.

Which is what the algorithm really likes. 

AKA: you keep getting more engagement involving comments and shares… the more likely your content will be shared with your community. 

Because (not so) fun fact… not everyone sees your content. In fact, if 1 out of 5 people who follow you see it, you’re lucky.) #coldhardtruth

Hack #5: Infographics.

This is an area I personally want to start doing more in my biz.

Infographics are really great for your biz.

It’s a way to convey important points in a visual format.

Which people love.

Simple tools like Canva (yep, even with the free version!) make it really easy to create infographics. 

There are literally hundreds of templates you can choose from and tweak to suit your style.

They can be really cute and simple like this…

Or super in-depth like this one…

IMO, for social, go simple. 

Clearly “how our laws are made” is hardly a snackable topic… but it’s pretty cool how they made an entire semester’s worth of information into a pretty “Chutes & Ladders” style image.

So you might be thinking…

Awesome, so I have these new “snackable” content ideas and I’m ready to implement them on social…


What do I do with these people now?

Well, I want to remind ya…

Social media is all about bringing awareness to your biz. 

Creating connection. Engagement.

But its ultimate purpose is to move those relationships off the platform… and onto your email list.

Because email is where you deepen that connection. 

And actually skyrocket your chances of getting your new online besties… to work with you. And buy from you.

Which is what your biz is for, right?

Don’t worry –  you can do all of this with integrity and heart. It doesn’t have to feel icky to talk about earning money.

I mean, how else are you gonna buy all those grapes?! LOL

If you’d like to learn about how to create rockin’ social media content – and then move them off platform and into your email list…

PLUS how to warm up the relationship in an AUTOMATED way so they’re primed to buy from you down the line…

Don’t worry – I’ll explain what a “marketing funnel” is. And how it’s totally not scary at all. Or expensive. Or hard.

In fact… you’re already doing a good chunk of the steps when you post on social media.

Your snackable content makes it even easier to create a relationship. 

Because your ideal customer or client is loving what you’re putting out… and amazed at how much value you’re able to add in just 1-2 seconds.

Imagine what you can do for her with even more time…

That’s what I’ll explain in this 2+ hour masterclass.

Yikes – I hear you saying – two hours?!

Yep. Because this is a legit strategy sesh. And there’s no way you’d be able to get real value out of anything shorter.

I mean, you could look for videos on youtube, but they’re not gonna allow you to take immediate action on the info in your own biz.

But my 3 Biz Keys Masterclass is different.

And as if that weren’t enough, quick FYI for ya… this is probably the last time I’m gonna offer it free.

Because yep, I’m covering the cost of the ticket for ya when you sign up below – and show up live. 

There are 3 class times to choose from. So check it out and definitely reserve your spot.

Let’s turn your snackable content into a whole damn meal… that feeds ya for years to come.


PS: Notice how I just dropped a snackable piece of content on ya right there? Can you figure out which hacks it brings together?Let me know here in the comments!

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