5 Reasons You Must Have an Email List for Your Biz

Did you know that over ⅓ of businesses STILL don’t use email marketing?

If that’s you… listen up, friend.

You’re literally missing out on tons of revenue.

I saw a stat that says email generates $42 for every $1 spent

Insane, right?

As if that weren’t reason enough to open up a google doc and start drafting your next newsletter… 

I’ve got 4 more reasons you gotta use email if you wanna ramp up your success this year.

BTW, If you’re more of a podcast person, you can tune into this episode here to hear about this while you’re on the road… at the gym… or pretending to be on a phone call so that weird guy at Starbucks leaves you alone. 


One of the easiest – and best – ways to have people opting into your list consistently is to create a killer landing page for the web.

And that’s why I’m inviting you to my free workshop on April 6th: How to Create a Landing Page to Jumpstart Your Email List.

Whether you’ve got a landing page up right now… or you’ve tried it before and didn’t see stellar results… or you’ve been thinking about putting one up… 

I’ll show ya how to create a landing page that has people signing up for your email list in droves.

But first let’s talk about why email is so important.

5 Reasons You Must Have an Email List for Your Biz

1. You own your contacts.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is focusing entirely on social media. 

But when you do that, you’re literally building your business on someone else’s property.

Because those social platforms can shut you down with ZERO warning – which happened to me at the beginning of this year.

I’ve talked a bit about this earlier this year but ICYMI…  long story short, someone hacked my Facebook account and started running inappropriate ads against the rules of the platform.

And I got shut down.

They shut down Instagram too, because both platforms are owned by Facebook.

Imagine that happened to you.

Over a decade’s worth of work spent building your community… and it’s gone. Literally overnight.

And you don’t have an email list or any other means of communication with your people.

No bueno, right?

With your email list, you have direct contact with your peeps – and the risk of having your biz totally hamstrung is wayyyyy lower.

2. You control who sees your message.

With email, you have much higher deliverability rates.

That’s because with social media, you’re up against the algorithm.

The average reach of an organic FB post is about 5%.

Uh huh. That’s right.

Only about 5% of your followers see your posts – unless you pay up. 

You got it right, Ramona.

Here are some more jaw dropping, rage-fueling facts about organic social media reach:

  • Twitter - 3.5% of people see your posts.
  • Instagram - organic content is delivered to around 20% of your followers.
And BTW – that’s how many of them see your posts. That’s not a 20% conversion rate. *insert scream here*

With email, though, most deliverability rates are 85% or higher.

Assuming you aren’t getting flagged for spam or sending out messages to a cold list.

Quick note on this… I’m talking about averages here. There’s nuance in everything.

But for the sake of making the point of being in control over who receives your content… email wins – hands down.

I mean, if you’re gonna spend your time creating content for your community… you want it to be seen, right?

And you want your content to convert. 

Email is way better at that.

3. You get to talk 1:1 – and create a personal relationship.

With email, you get to create a personal relationship.

I know that might sound a little weird given how many emails you probably get in a day… but think about how it works on social.

You’re speaking one to many. 

Like, your superfan Kelly may be seeing your post in her feed… but you’re not talking directly to her. And she knows it.

In email, however… it’s more intimate.

You ARE talking directly to her.

You can even use her NAME in the emails – most platforms offer this personalization option as a standard.

So you get to be more intimate… offer more value… and share more about your story.

Basically, turn Kelly from a passive follower into your bestie.

To most people, social is pretty disposable.

We use email for important things, like:

  • Work.
  • Communicating with your kids’ school
  • Confirming appointments
  • Tracking purchases and other important transactions.
It’s the perfect relationship building tool – because most of us consider it private.

And people actually spend more time reading your emails than they do consuming social.

I’m talking about 12 seconds for a marketing-style email. Vs less than 2 seconds for social.

So they’re more ENGAGED. They’re clearly more interested – and you get more time with them. Which is what you need to create a fruitful relationship… even one through a screen.

4. Email converts nearly 5x better than social media.

When you’ve done your relationship building well through email and you send out some sort of sales-related message, whether that’s to:

  • Buy your online course…
  • Sign up for a program you’re offering…
  • Purchase physical products (or affiliate products) through you…
Email converts at an average of 60%.

Know what social media alone is?


It all comes back to relationship building.

You build your business by getting people to know, like, and trust you.

Now, this stat doesn’t mean you’ll send out one email and 60% of your list will buy immediately.

This is an average over time.

But it shows the incredible power of building a list, doesn’t it?

Remember that stat I dropped on ya earlier: email generates $42 for every $1 spent.

So just think about those two things together…

Not only do you increase how much you earn by using email… you skyrocket your chances of getting the sale by nearly 5x.

I’m not a math scientist person girl (official job title), but I know enough to realize email’s where it’s at.  

5. You can target the right people… with the right message… at the right time.

You can do a TON of customization, segmentation, and behavior-based targeting with your email list.

Ya can’t do that well with social.

Let’s say you have a few different offerings in your biz.

Maybe you have an in-person fitness training business… and you also do affiliate marketing for essential oils.

Obvi, not everyone is gonna be able to do fitness training with you – you’re locked in by geography.

But everyone COULD work with you on the essential oil side of your biz.

So it wouldn’t make sense for you to blast your local fitness biz offers to people who live on the other side of the country, would it?

It’s irrelevant to them. And not using email segmentation skyrockets your chances of them leaving your list entirely. 

And if you do that on social, there’s a high likelihood they’ll unfollow you there too.

But by using email features like segmentation (plus strategic landing pages) you can separate the local peeps from non-local ones.

And send them appropriate, RELEVANT messages on the regular.

Because the fact is… we live in a hyper-relevant world now.

Sending out blanket emails about shiz people aren’t interested in or can’t do is a 1 way ticket to Unsubscribe-ville.

You probably DO have more than just one thing you offer in your business. 

And you probably have more than 1 ideal customer type.

The awesome thing about the internet is… you can go after multiple groups… with multiple offers… with landing pages.

Which means you’re building your email list (with hyper relevant, juicy content)... at a more scalable level.

You CAN go after your local fitness peeps – AND your nationwide essential oil peeps – by creating different landing pages.

Which feeds into your email list – and helps you grow BOTH sides of your biz… in a 24/7, hands off, kind of way.

Landing pages are one of those online biz things you KNOW you should have  but it can feel overwhelming. Like… 

  • What do you say to get people to hand over their email address to you?
  • What should the page LOOK like?
  • What about the tech stuff?
Which honestly is the thing most people stress about.

And I KNOW this because that’s how I was feeling when I first started out. I mean, they don’t teach you this sort of stuff in school.

Most of the time you have to go through a whole bunch of trial and error.

Until now.

I’m inviting you to my April 6th Workshop: How to Create a Landing Page to Jumpstart Your Email List. And you can sign up here for free.

If you know you need a strong Landing Page to build your email list, but don’t exactly know what to do or what to say or where to even start… this workshop’s for you! 

It’s on Wednesday, April 6th at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.

Your landing page is the first step to fill your email list up with your ideal customers or clients. And once you understand this methodology… you can apply it over and over again.

You’ll even be walked through a tutorial style session for the tech side.

So you can stop being scared about learning something new and messing up… and feel confident that you can bring in high quality leads to your list… consistently.

Have a great week – and I’ll see ya online.


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