3 Content Secrets to Scale Your Biz

Ever wish there were more of you?

Like maybe 2, 3, 4 of you out in the world just getting all the things done?

One could be running errands, one at a workout class, one cooking dinner, and another giving a killer presentation for your biz.

Ugh, that would be great…

Too bad cloning isn’t a thing… yet. LOL

Let’s get some techie peeps on that ASAP.

In the meantime, you and I are stuck with trying to figure out how to serve as many people as possible to grow and scale our biz.

The key to doing that is utilizing that CONTENT.

And by content, I mean the messaging and info you’re putting out into the world about your biz.

Your content is what grabs people’s attention – and hopefully keeps it. 

You want your content to be working for you even when you’re preoccupied with life’s other demands.

But how can you make that happen?

The secret to scalability is to have tech help ya out.

As in the good ol’ internet.

Let’s explore some tried-and-true content tricks to add people to your database… and a super innovative technique most people aren’t using yet.

3 Content Hacks to Reach the Masses 

Hack #1: A must-have freebie

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love free stuff?

No. We all know the answer is no.

So why not create some of your own free stuff?

It’s bound to grab some people’s attention.

Creating a freebie (AKA lead magnet) for your ideal customers is the perfect way to reel them in.

No one turns down free things…

Especially if it’s shiz they’re actually excited about.

Exhibit A: my collection of free “you did it!” race t-shirts. LOL

But right now, let’s focus on digital freebies...

The kind you can automate (AKA: the best kind).

Save yourself the time and effort of making one-off appointments and calls…

Just have an easy way for people to get what you’re serving up available on your website.

Content in a downloadable form is perfect, like...

  • A helpful checklist.
  • Guidebook.
  • Even recipes!

I mean, who doesn’t love a free downloadable how-to?

Umm, literally no one.

Hack #2: Group it up

Have you thought about creating an online group to bring everyone together?

If not, you def should.

This is especially effective if you’re a coach or offer educational content.

Get people to join an online group, whether that’s on a social media platform or you choose to invest in your own technology.

Instead of spending your precious time on 1:1 interactions… put your energy toward an amazing 1:many experience. 

And it helps prime people for an eventual sale. 

They’ll be receiving so much value – and digging what you’re putting out for free – when you ask them to buy something from you, the likelihood they’ll say yes jumps.

Another pro tip: Make it so that members can even interact with each other.

So conversations focused on the things people want out of your biz take place even when you aren’t present.

This gets your content shared in a more scalable way. 

Without taking away your signature personal and direct touch. 

People will be happy.

Your biz will be growing.

And you may just have a little extra free time on your hands.

Hack #3: School them online

Give your customers what they may not have known they’ve always wanted…

An online mini-course.

Here’s why mini-courses are the next big thing coming to the lead generation world…

  1. They’re scalable.
  2. You can control the content very well.
  3. You can offer an upscale user experience that builds legitimacy.
  4. You’re positioned as an expert – “course creator” is the new “author” badge of honor.

In terms of what you put out, focus on your customers’ pain points or desired outcomes.

This will be the thoughtful and strategic content you put out into the world.

And the best part is that you just have to take the time to create it ONCE.

It can then be available for your ideal customers to self-serve their way into your mailing list over and over again.

Content that continuously works for you and attracts new prospective customers? 

You are literally helping people all the time.

But with wayyyyy less effort than before.

Sounds pretty genius to me.

And while I’m suggesting you create a mini-course as a freebie, lead generating tool… you can monetize this type of product.

In fact, the online learning space is expected to be worth $375 billion by 2026.

And that’s not just formal online schooling, that’s a broad range of online education.

Which is why you should hop on that boat right away.

So go ahead and package up your precious knowledge, the stuff people are always picking your brain about…

And start earning some cash money with it.

This can work for a bunch of different biz types… like the network marketing industry.

Maybe for an, I don’t know… essential oil biz *wink*

You create an online mini-course that teaches all about your product, its benefits, and the problems it solves.

When it comes to EOs, you know they’re a great alternative to highly toxic household chemicals. 

And most of your customers are all about those holistic products that actually work.

So you put together a mini-course that will grab their attention… like “10 quick ways to reduce your toxic load.”

And one of the “quick ways” you teach them is about essential oils… which they can get through you.

See how this works?

If you wanted to, you could even charge a fee for this class.

Or you could give it away for free, with the end goal of monetizing your efforts when people buy those oils through you.

And if you’re still a little unsure about how you could actually create your own mini-course (or if it’s even something for you)…

My friend, Amy Porterfield, has just what you need.

It’ll set you up with a roadmap for turning your expertise into an educational tool.

Which will make you stand out in ANY industry.

You can take the quiz at

It’s super helpful!

And it’s free. Since I know you’re all about those freebies.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of it…

I’ll see ya online.


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