Here's what changing in Social Media

We’ve all heard the news that Instagram dropped on us. 

To say it has ruffled some feathers in the marketing space is an understatement. 

Long story short, Instagram announced they’re moving away from being primarily a photo sharing app… and prioritizing video content.

So what does this mean?

Well, it means if you want to keep using IG for your biz… you gotta get up to speed on the video features inside IG.

Primarily Reels…

Here’s why IG is making these changes: money and reach.

App-based businesses make their money from advertising revenue… and much of that is based on the number of downloads. Plus engagement and eyeballs on screen. 

And both Instagram and Facebook have been slowing down on their monthly downloads… while platforms like TikTok and other similar video-based ones are taking off.

So yes, it makes sense that IG would wanna get in on that before it’s too late.

Before I share what this means for your business… let’s talk about you as an Instagram user.

How Instagram Changes Affect You As A User

Soon, when you open your Instagram app, you will likely see swipe-up videos as your primary feed.

I’m imagining it will be like the reverse of what it is now… 

Right now:
  1. Posts in your primary feed
  2. Stories at the top
  3. Reels in their own tab

Likely changes:
  1. Reels and Stories in your primary feed
  2. Posts in their own tab

If you’re not into video content, this will probably be annoying AF. LOL

But will it be annoying enough that you stop using it? We will have to see. 

Instagram hasn’t shared when exactly all this is happening.

But there’s gonna be some backlash… especially from peeps who have had IG for a really long time.

How Instagram Changes Affect You As A Business

If you use Instagram as one of your primary marketing channels… my friend, you’re gonna wanna learn how to do video.

There’s no good way around this, unfortunately. 

BUT – I wanna offer you a simple mindset hack that’s gonna change everrrrrything.

And that is... 

Give less EFFs. LOL

What I mean by that is… you do NOT have to have this super polished, totally perfect video to have an impact.

In fact, that sort of content… well, it’s not as compelling.

Remember, social media is about CONNECTION. Which means AUTHENTICITY. 

The way Instagram works for your biz is totally gonna change.

For example, if you rely heavily on written captions to go with your posts.. Well, that’s not how videos work.

Instead, you’ll have to rely on storytelling and your literal voice to get your message across.

Obviously this requires a bit of a strategy and creativity shift.

But it CAN be done. I promise you.

Of course, I personally think ANYTHING can be turned into a story or short-form video… but for a lot of people that feels like too much work.

They’d rather leave entirely.

Which, in my opinion, actually is MORE work to find another channel!

Now here’s a truth bomb I wanna drop on ya…

You have an opportunity – RIGHT NOW – to be a leader in helping your community adjust.

You can (and should) start practicing with Stories and Reels.

If you start putting out video-based content now, they’ll see what you’re up to. They’ll vibe with you while they’re still able to see your posts in their primary feed… and when the switch happens… you’ll still be there. 

Make sense?

If you’re on the ‘Gram for your biz… and you aren’t currently using features like Stories and Reels… it's time to learn.

So, I’m personally inviting you to my next Instagram Tutorial Workshop.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  1. The #1 biz-building strategy that should drive every.single.piece of content you create on IG.
  2. The step-by-step process to create a Story – and pro tips on how to use it for business.
  3. Exactly how to create a Reel in the app – so when IG makes the switch you feel confident you know what to do.
  4. How to use filters… choose music… add stickers… and graphics to your short-form videos.
  5. How to leverage under-utilized features like hashtags and Highlights.

...and how to get super comfortable putting yourself out there make your time on social truly effective.

RSVP right here and then choose your timeslot:
  • Tuesday, August 10th from 9:30-11:30am Pacific / 12:30-2:30pm Eastern.
  • Wednesday, August 11th from 4-6pm Pacific / 7-9pm Eastern.

And FYI: there are NO REPLAYS.

This is a class I charge $97 for as a digital product on my website in my product suite … BUT if you join LIVE it’s totally free for you.

The energy is AMAZEBALLS when people are there together.

If you use IG at all for your biz, you gotta be there… so grab your spot here.

Have a great week… and I’ll see ya online.


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