3 Biohacks That’ll Boost Your Biz

Have you heard of the term “biohacking” before? 

It may sound like a gimmick, but stay with me...

Today, I’m gonna give you the full rundown on how biohacks can impact your biz...

From a nutrition perspective, of course.

And how you can use techniques for success.

I bet you're wondering how.

“Biohacking my health can impact my business?!”

Yep, my friends… true story.

I’ll explain it all.

You are the foundation of your business, right?

That's the reason biohacking and your biz are so connected.

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

So, if your health is falling apart soon enough your business will too.

Vice versa.

A failing business can also be that tipping point for poor health.

This happens when...

  • You work yourself to the bone. ☠️
  • You start sleeping like shiz.👎
  • Your self-care and fitness goes downhill. 📉
  • You’re stressed AF. 🤬
  • And your nutrition becomes the LAST thing you’re thinking about. 😓
Sound familiar?

If you’re not thriving, your biz isn’t going to thrive either.

So let’s get you healthy, ok? 

For both your sake… and the sake of your biz.

So what is biohacking?

At the simplest level, it’s making small, incremental changes to your lifestyle.

This in turn, kickstarts small improvements in your health. 

It’s like doing micro experiments on yourself…

You try small changes… and see how you feel.

3 Biohacks for Your Life & Biz

Hack #1 - Intermittent Fasting

It’s best to use your sleeping hours for this.

Start your fast after dinner – around 6pm or 7pm. 

Then wait it out until the next day for breakfast. See what I mean?

Remember, you want to fast for at least 12 hours. 

The reason this is a biohack is it actually gives your gut a break… so it can do its cleanup job without being distracted by new input (AKA food) coming in.

Think of it this way… you want to clean your house. Will you do a better job of it when it’s quiet, you’re alone, and there’s nothing else going on?

Or is it easier for you to do if you’ve got a house full of guests who want your attention?

That’s kinda like what happens with your digestive system. When it’s quiet, it can clean better. Get rid of harmful bacteria and toxins.

It also kicks your body into ketosis.

Basically, ketosis turns your body fat into energy. 🙌

So, intermittent fasting is actually good on several levels for your health.

And again, if your health is on point, you’ll have the energy to focus on your biz.

You’re gonna be more productive… less distracted… and able to balance that whole work-life thing that keeps us on our toes 24/7.

Hack #2 - Adaptogens

Adaptogens soothe your adrenal glands. 

Ya know, the organs that kick into overdrive when you’re stressed?

Adaptogens are herbs and plants with properties known to relieve stress. 

When you’re stressed AF do you feel productive?

Probably not.

I know when I have too much on my plate… It's like my brain just gives up.

I can’t concentrate on anything, really.

Not fun.

This is when I reach for some adaptogens. 

Some of my go-tos are turmeric and ginger. 

I’m pretty sure they’re what have kept me from burning out this year.

Medicinal mushrooms work, too.

They’re known to reduce pathogens and viruses in your blood… as well as lower cholesterol and inflammation. 

So while you can add adaptogenics into your diet super easily by shopping online or at health food stores... 

You can also bring them into your life through essential oils.

Brew a tea with them, or maybe add a drop to your water bottle. 

Find easy ways to add them into your daily routine, so you can be in peak productivity mode and manage the woes of stress a little bit better – NATURALLY.

Hack #3 - Bring more peppermint into your life.

This herb is beyond powerful.

It’s actually a little magical, if you ask me.

It’s both calming AND energizing at the same time. How about that?

Peppermint is the perfect go-to for aromatherapy when you feel any sense of impending doom comin’ on.

So put a drop into your diffuser.

Or, literally rub it into your skin with a carrier oil – like almond or fractionated coconut.

Then, let the soothing scent do its work. 

If you don’t love the idea of peppermint, no biggie.

Biohacking should be personal to you.

Meaning everyone is different and while some of these biohacks may not sound like your cup of tea, that’s ok..

For example, some people love peppermint and others can’t stand it.

Aromas are deeply connected with the emotional center in our brains.

When you smell something you’ll have an actual physical reaction to it, or even spark a memory… just by smelling it.

So in this case, peppermint’s natural properties are stress-reducing for most… but if you have a negative reaction to the scent or taste, it actually could increase your stress. 

Which we don’t want.

So if you wanna give biohacking with aromatherapy a try, here’s a few bonus options:

  • Lavender - calming.
  • Frankincense - soothing.
  • Black Spruce - relaxing.
  • Geranium - grounding.
  • Rosemary - energizing.
  • Lemon - uplifting.
These are all known mood-balancers.

When you start feeling drained, I highly suggest you not only bring these essential oils into your diet, but also into your lifestyle.

So, that’s my little take on biohacking and what it can do for your mental and biz health.

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