How to Make Google ❤️ Your Website

Have you heard of Google? Oh right, the whole world has. Not only is Google the name of a company, but it has become a full on verb. 

Don’t know any vegan cookie recipes? Google it. 

Looking for ways to soothe your anxiety before your in-laws come to town? Google it.

Need to find somewhere nearby to get your oil changed? Google it. (Or Google an electric car dealer, so you don’t have to deal with that shiz, LOL.)

I think you get the picture. 

And no, I will not admit how many times I used Google just while writing this article.

Google is, quite literally, the world’s best friend.

And it’s about to be your new favorite tool to get your biz noticed. 

But how, you ask? Just 3 little letters...S-E-O.

That’s Search Engine Optimization for all you non-techies out there. Don’t worry, I’m about to explain further. 

SEO is the tool that companies use to get themselves on the front page of a Google search, which drives web traffic.

I know what you are thinking right now... “There’s more than one page on Google?!”

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Every Google search provides you with multiple pages of results…

But how many people actually look past the first 5 that appear? Not many.

If the average front page of a Google search shows you 10 results, can you imagine how many great companies and websites are just lost amongst the noise of the rest of the internet?

Umm, it’s a lot.

95% of web traffic comes from Google’s page 1 results. 
So what’s your new goal? Get your biz on page 1 of Google. 
How the heck do you even do that?
Enter SEO.
So I told you what SEO stands for and what it does. But how does it work and how will your biz compete with all the others? 
Keep reading... I promise it gets good.
There are many ways to utilize SEO to get your biz noticed, which is key to being successful. You won’t have customers or sales without reaching your target market and being visible.
People can’t buy things they don’t know about. DUH.
Some methods of getting the word out about your biz can break your bank in the process. I am here to help you do it on the cheap (AKA free). 
Ahh, free. Isn’t it a beautiful word?

So now that I really have your attention, it’s time to go over some hacks on how to use SEO to get your biz found online.
5 Hacks for Making SEO Your Best Friend
Hack #1: Up your content game.
Lemme ask ya… how often are you adding new content to your website? 
And is that content short and random... or jussssst long enough to stay relevant and keep your community’s attention?
You need to find ways to keep people coming back to your website and intrigued by your biz. Just think about your own online habits…
Do you return to Buzzfeed every day expecting to see the same quizzes and lists as yesterday? Or are you tapping back in each morning for a new way to find out which Schitt’s Creek character you are? 

(I’m really feeling David these days…)
And you know a really great way to continually have fresh and fun content on your site? 
You guessed it, a weekly blog.
Your blog can help build your brand and provide content that your target audience can’t wait to devour each week. Staying on brand and being consistent brings repeat consumers, which shows search engines, like Google, the value of your biz. 
The more value and clicks, the higher up you move in the Google results. 
So keep that content coming!
Hack #2: Use your words, carefully.
So you listened to my amazing advice above and started a weekly blog for your website. 
Great job, I’m so proud!
The next step is making sure that you’re utilizing the most effective keywords within your content to appear in relevant search results. 
You’ve gotta talk the Google talk before you walk the Google walk.
Keywords are what you type into Google when looking for something. This directly affects what results you get back. 
For example, you want to learn more about the upcoming new Reese Witherspoon movie. Reese is a busy lady and has done many movies. You can’t just Google “Reese Witherspoon movie.”
You need to be detailed, people.
Something like “Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde 3 release date” would get the job done nicely. 
Now in terms of your biz… let's say you have a makeup biz. 
You need to make sure you are using keywords your specific customers will be searching, such as concealer, bronzer, eyebrow filler, how to contour like a Kardashian, etc. 
This can include related areas like skin care and beauty, but you always want to stay mostly on topic with your content. 
Strategic keywords lead to more results and clicks, which gets your biz closer to Google’s page 1. 
Hack #3: Always be mobile.
What is the one thing that you never leave home without?
Other than your reusable water bottle, of course…
Yes, your smartphone!
More than half of internet searches nowadays are done from a mobile device. It’s our most convenient and reliable device that goes everywhere with us, so it makes sense!
I mean, think about your own habits.
When you just have 10 minutes of downtime to look something up, you don’t get out your laptop. Your phone is already by your side, so you just open up your 40th tab on your browser and search away.
With this in mind, you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. 
The last thing you want is for your website to end up on the beloved page 1 of a Google search, just for a potential new customer to exit after having an awful user experience. 
Because, who waits more than 2 seconds for a webpage to load?! 
Literally no one. #facts 
Mobile browsing is here to stay and you want your amazing content to be accessible from all devices, right? 
There’s even a free Google tool that lets you test your website for mobile accessibility.
Want to find it? Google it. (LOL)
Hack #4: Embrace hyperlinks.
Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole on the internet?
Of course, you have. You’re only human.
You sit down to read the article your friend sent to the Book Club group chat earlier today. And next thing you know, it’s been two hours, one thing led to another, and you are reading about the celebrities you didn’t know dated in the 90s. 
It happens to the best of us. And you want it to happen with your customers, but on your website. 
Use hyperlinks within your content – that leads to more of your content. 
It’s easy to do and takes barely any effort on your end. 
You’re already creating regular and consistent blog posts, right? So now you just refer and link to past posts within the new one. 
A first time reader to your blog missed that perfect smokey eye content from 2 months ago. Good thing they can find it easily when it’s linked to something in your new post.
Hyperlinks introduce a new potential customer to your other existing content. 
You can also add in hyperlinks to other reputable and recognizable sources related to your biz. 
It won’t hurt you to give credit elsewhere, I promise!
If potential customers – and search engines – see you giving the thumbs up to other websites and businesses they know and trust, it actually makes you seem legit and can increase your traffic.
In short, backlinks and crosslinks make Google happy.
So, hyperlink it, baby. And watch those clicks go up.
Hack #5: Reel in the reviews.
What is the main thing you look for before purchasing a new product or brand online?
Positive reviews. And a lot of them. 
Ask your existing and repeat customers to leave reviews on your website. 
Not only is this helpful for newcomers to your biz, but it gives you fresh content, new keyword mentions, and it drives web traffic your way. 
Since you’re obviously already killing it by following hacks 1-4, this takes almost no extra time or effort on your end.
Having reviews on your website will help establish credibility and trust in your biz, while giving you everything you need to appear in more Google searches.
Which means driving web traffic and sales to you.
Because remember your goal? 
Find out when Legally Blonde 3 comes out!
Get your biz on Google’s page 1.
So now that you’re primed to take on SEO and get your biz visible AF, you’re the perfect candidate for my upcoming 3 Keys for Biz Success Masterclass. It starts next week and you’ll have multiple timeslots to choose from.
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Did you learn something new about SEO today?

Hit me up on social and share your thoughts. 

I’ll see ya online.


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