Email tips: Why no one is buying from you

What if you could increase your chances of getting sales from your email list… by 50%? 
And you only had to do 1 little thing…
The secret to your success is…

Mastering the middle of your funnel.

AKA: nurturing your email list.

Skipping this step – or not doing it well – is the #1 reason your email list isn’t converting.

My friend, you gotta know this stat.

80% of leads never buy anything.

But… it’s been shown that organizations that excel at nurturing their leads generate 50% more sales.

And when they do convert to a purchaser… nurtured leads spend 47% more than non-nurtured leads!

I know that’s a lot of marketing speak, so let’s break it down into a simple story.

Let’s say you have 10 people on your email list.

On average, without an effective nurture email sequence, you’re likely to get just 2 of those 10 people to buy.

But, if you spend a little time establishing a relationship with them via email, you just increased your chances that 5 more of those people are willing to buy from you.

And they’re likely to spend nearly 50% more.

Changes the game a bit, huh?

So, what this means is… you gotta spend a little bit of time creating connection online – specifically via email.

And yes, that’s totally possible.

I mean, there are entire TV shows dedicated to people who establish relationships online with strangers… and never meet them. 

You know what I’m talkin’ about...

Yes, you can build rapport and establish a relationship through email.

Which is really what an automated nurture sequence is about.

So how do you do that?

How to Master Your Email Nurture Sequence.

I’ve explained it this way before, but your nurture sequence is kind of like dating.

You meet someone and you decide to go on a first date together.

(AKA: someone joins your email list via a freebie or for your newsletter – which is the top of your marketing funnel)

What happens next?

Option A: You ghost your lead – you don’t talk to them again because you don’t have an automated nurture sequence in place. It’s the same thing as never hearing from your date again, even though you had an awesome time.

Option B: You hit them up for a sale – it’s literally the same thing as finishing your first date and they’re like, “Hey let’s move in together, buy a house, maybe a dog, wanna get married?” Whoa. It’s a lot.
Like, slow your roll, bro. LOL

Option C: You date for a while – you get to know one another via email. That’s the purpose of your nurture sequence… to keep your leads warm, engaged, and getting to know, like, and trust you. Which is the secret sauce to monetizing your email list.

Those 8 people on your email list are hanging out there wanting to date a bit.

And here’s what’s awesome about this whole thing…

You write these emails ONCE (literally, you can do it in less than a day) and they run for you 24/7/365.

Load them up into your email platform using the automated (or “drip”) email function and voilà… you’re off to the races with your relationship-building nurture sequence.

What Should Your Nurture Emails Be About?

You can send your leads emails with even more tips about the thing they signed up for.

Let’s say you have a wellness biz like I do.

Your nurture emails could include:
  • A DIY recipe she should try.
  • An article you wrote about why essential oils (or whatever your biz offers) are helpful for destressing (because I literally know NO ONE who doesn’t want relaxation tips).
  • A bit about who you are and your story.
It’s like when you meet a new friend, you want to get to know each other – and that takes time.

But you don’t have to manually do all of this relationship stuff.

You can use the power of the internet – and an automated email sequence – to do it.

On average, it can take 21 marketing touches – AKA: times your lead hears from you – before she buys.

And once she does decide to buy from you during this process… she’s 47% more likely to spend more with you.

I hope this helps you see why you’ve gotta spend time – a good amount of time actually – nurturing your leads in what’s called “the middle of the funnel.”

How Many Nurture Emails Should You Have?

Now, I wish there was some magic number of nurture emails that’ll do the trick – but it really is like dating.

Everyone is different.

If you’re at a complete loss, I’d say start out with 5-7.

More frequent in the beginning (like, the first one goes out the day after they sign up… the next one maybe one 3-4 days later).

And then spread them out toward the end (like every 6-7 days). 

There is no perfect sequence.

I have a friend who’s a meditation teacher and she has 22 emails in her nurture sequence.
It runs automatically for nearly 6 months. 

Because she’s seen that people need a bit more time to decide whether they want to  become a meditation teacher, too. So she has a long nurture sequence for her training program – with tons of education in it.

The secret to a rockin’ nurture email sequence is:
  1. Start somewhere.
  2. Watch your numbers over time.
Don’t be afraid to change things up.

Especially if you see an email that’s totally crushing it… or one that’s totally tanking.

How Do You Improve Your Nurture Emails?

I know I threw a lot at ya right now – I’m super passionate about this middle of the funnel stage of marketing.

Because it’s seriously the most important thing to improve your online biz. 

This whole marketing funnel process can MAKE OR BREAK your biz.

And soooooo many people get it wrong – even big companies! So don’t feel alone.

You can master this part of your approach and increase your chances at getting someone to become a paying customer just by putting a little TLC into your middle of the funnel nurture emails.

Which is what I show ya how to do in my masterclass: “The 3 Keys Every Small Business Owner Needs for Success in 2021 and Beyond”.

This is the sort of shiz you gotta get good at. 

Especially if you have an online biz… or you wanna get into the whole online world.

And honestly, you should. 

Global ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion this year. And continue to grow over the next 5 years.

If you’ve got a dream, you can put it online.

And by mastering the nurture part of establishing a relationship, you can increase your chances of earning an income from your dream. Like, by A LOT.

Which is why you need to attend my masterclass – get your pass here.

You show up live, I’ll hook you up and waive the $97 tuition fee.

Choose your class time:
  1. Tuesday, November 9 from 9:30am - 11:30am Pacific / 12:30pm - 2:30pm Eastern.
  2. Wednesday, November 10 from 9:30am - 11:30am Pacific / 12:30pm - 2:30pm 
In “The 3 Biz Keys” training, I go into even more depth into this whole online relationship-building process there.

Plus, tips about how to improve the top of your funnel… as in getting new people into your list.

And the bottom of the funnel – AKA: getting them to buy.

Which is the juicy stuff most entrepreneurs and creative professionals are into. 

So let’s finish the year strong… by nurturing your leads like a badass boss.

So when 2022 comes around –  and hello, it’s right friggin’ there! – you’ll be primed to see more people move down your marketing funnel…

And become paying customers of yours!

Hope to see ya there!


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