3 Mindset Shifts to Sell with Integrity

It’s time to stop seeing “sales” as something you’re ashamed of.

It’s not your enemy. It’s not something you have to fight to get.

Here’s a truth bomb for ya...

If you struggle to make sales, you have a mindset problem.

Pure and simple.

Here’s what I know.

Tons of people have blocks about money. And huge blocks about ASKING for money.

Women in particular struggle with this and many of us don’t charge what we’re worth because we’ve literally been trained since childhood not to be pushy… bossy… demanding… or direct.

So money – in particular ASKING for money in the form of sales – feels like ALL of those things. Wrapped up in a nasty little bow that makes you uncomfortable AF.

And what do we do when we’re uncomfortable?

  • We stop.  
  • We play small.
  • We avoid the discomfort.

And here’s the thing… THIS IS ALL IN YOUR FREAKING HEAD.

So today we’re gonna flip the friggin’ script on how you view sales.

We’re gonna talk about how to get a fresh perspective… one that will allow you to FEEL GOOD about making money.

After all, we’re “soul-centered” entrepreneurs – meaning we come from a place of integrity and heart. We aren’t out to screw someone else over in the pursuit of money.

We have value to offer… and deep down, want to be compensated fairly for it.

AKA: We wish to serve from a soul-level… so everyone wins and is happy.

With this in mind, let’s go through 3 mindset shifts that will improve your selling skills… and help you make more money in an authentic way that feels GOOD.

3 Mindset Shifts to Sell with Integrity

#1: Flip the script on how you define selling.

Instead of using a word like “selling”, what if you chose to think about it as connecting?

Connecting feels good, right?

I mean, you’re there to provide value. To offer something another person doesn’t have but wants.

That’s literally what commerce is all about.

I feel like those of us in industries like:

  • Wellness...
  • Coaching...
  • Spirituality...
  • Personal development...
  • Education…

...well, we can really struggle being comfortable with the idea of selling.

I’ll tell you a quick story.

I have a friend who worked at a prominent mission-based company.

And the company continually struggled financially… because of mindset.

85% of people who worked there were there for the mission. But they literally were afraid to ask for money – even though they provided a HUGE benefit for people.

So they looked at their top salespeople – and the #1 thing they noticed was these people were adept at connecting with their customers from a heart-centered place.

They truly believed in the mission… experienced the transformation themselves… and were able to relate to their customers in a way that showed them that the transformation they desired was attainable.

Because after all, money is really just an exchange of energy.

They weren't afraid to ask for the sale… because they understood the actual value. And they were honest if they didn’t have what the customer actually needed.

That’s the difference...

If you’re passionate about what you do and you truly LISTEN to the customer… you don’t have to fight for the sale.

The sale comes because you connect. Because you care. And you have a way to help.

If you feel bad about selling…

You’re focused on what you can GET…instead of what you can GIVE.

AKA value.

Put that on a post-if if you need to.

Switch your mind to come from a place of service… of connecting… of giving...

And you’ll see how much easier it is to get people to say YES to you.

#2: Put yourself in the shoes of your customer or client.

Imagine that a product you love and use was afraid to sell it.

If the iPhone stayed underground because Apple was like, “Well, there are other phones out there… how am I supposed to compete?”

When you don’t let people know what it is you have to offer, how are they supposed to decide whether or not they want to be part of it?

In the majority of industries, you have what’s called a “unique value proposition.”

AKA a series of differentiators that make YOU and what YOU have to give special.

One airline takes you to the same place as another, right?

Southwest is brilliant at putting themselves into their customer’s shoes.

They’re all about low cost, efficiency, and excellence. People who value those things flock to Southwest.

If you valued luxury above all else, you’d fly on a private jet. LOL

So for your biz, you need to put yourself in the shoes of who you want to help the most.

People make mental and emotional calculations. It’s not always about the benjamins.

So here are 4 important words for you to consider when you put yourself in someone’s shoes...

How. Can. I. Help?

Think emotionally… not tactically.

Once you can answer this question for your customer or clients and be able to communicate it well (from the heart)…

And demonstrate that you CAN help and WANT to help… getting the sale will not just be easier, it will FEEL better too.

#3: Getting clear on the source of your money block.

This one is a little woo-woo but understanding what is triggering the block is super helpful.

Once you know the source, you can create an action plan to change it.

One of the biggest blocks regarding money is scarcity.

Deep down, you hold a belief system that there is a finite amount of money to go around and you don’t have as much as you need to feel safe.

And safety is a HUGE driver for us as humans.

You’ve heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right?

The bottom tiers are the most important because if those primary needs are not being met, you can’t go up the pyramid to the more evolved needs.

When you’re stuck in a scarcity mindset… you’re literally telling yourself you two base needs (security and safety) are in danger.

Which opens the door to someone we all know very well… FEAR.

So how do you break this cycle?

If you suffer from scarcity mentality, you can literally rewire your brain.

Affirmations are SUPER powerful for this sort of thing.

You take whatever your block is and write an affirmation that is the opposite using a positive phrase – in the present tense.

For example, instead of: “There is not enough money to go around…” your affirmation could be “Money flows effortlessly and abundantly to me” or “I have everything I need.”

And – I did warn you this is a little woo woo LOL – but there IS actual science behind this.

See, when you make statements in the present tense, your brain reorganizes itself to see it as fact – as a literal command

“I am blonde” is the same amount of truth as “I am enough” or “I have everything I need” to your brain. It truly cannot tell the difference when you use directive language.

Once you get out of that scarcity mindset… you’ll have a whole new approach to your biz.

  • You’ll be ok turning down low-paying jobs because you know you’re worth more... and something better is coming your way.
  • You’ll stop chasing leads that are never going to buy – and you have the headspace to SEE that super clearly.
  • You’ll start attracting the RIGHT opportunities because you’ll differentiate them from the wrong ones.

See how this all works?

How to Put This into Action

Now,  I know this was A LOT to cover in one article… which is why I have a special event I’m inviting you to.

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