The unexpected marketing hack you need to start RIGHT NOW to reignite your biz

I have got a MAJOR scoop for you today.

I’m sharing the ONE THING that, by implementing into my biz, allowed me to grow my email list AND make money while doing it.

And you can do it too.

This marketing hack is… digital mini courses.

Now, before your anxiety spikes thinking about how much work this is, or all the reasons why there’s no way in the world YOU could ever do this…

I’m giving you the super easy plan that allows you to take baby steps to try it out. 

Because I personally know that a simple mini course can get you noticed by new, ideal clients and build your email list… without a ton of effort. 

It’s completely doable and I’m going to walk you through it today. 

But before we get there, let’s back way up and talk about WHY you might consider creating some sort of online course or program.

First, you don’t need to be the kind of person looking to build an empire and become a digital marketing guru. Far from it.

When I decided to put together my first mini course, I knew nothing about digital marketing. In fact, I barely knew how to use Facebook. 

So here I was, working way too hard on lead generation. I was hustling hard basically to stay in place. 

I knew, conceptually, I needed to reach new people, collect emails, and build up my pipeline of interested buyers. 

And there was no way I could do it other than in a simple, consistent way so I could focus on what I really love…

...which is sharing tips, tricks, and hacks to help women feel great and get everything done. 

A digital mini course was simply a new way to create content I love... PLUS build my database. 

Let’s say you’re a fellow network marketer. 

You can create a simple mini course that walks someone through how to solve a problem they’re experiencing. 

For instance, you’re sending your kids back to school and nothing looks the same this year. There are way more homeschoolers than ever before.

But you know how to do it. You’ve been homeschooling for years. You’ve got the curriculum down. 

You know how to do it and rock your own biz. Not to mention keep your littles focused.

So you build a digital mini course around how to homeschool kids who have never been homeschooled and you weave in your knowledge and any products you use to solve it.   Hello doTERRA’s InTune essential oil blend.

I’m sure you have various ways your new student can use your product – and you’re able to immediately list off all the ways your product can be a benefit.

Hey, in this example, you probably don’t even need to incorporate your product.  Because once these parents are on your email list, and you’ve become their biggest saviour, they’ll buy anything from you.

A digital mini course positions you as an expert who helps solve problems.

This is something you are already doing with your day-to-day work. 

Let me repeat: you’ve done this work already! 

You probably just don’t know it. 

I’ll explain...

You know your products and how they can help with life’s challenges. Sleep issues, stress, healthy eating, you name it. It’s what you talk about with customers and prospective customers… all. the. time.

You take people on a journey from where they are to where they want to be, with you and your experience as the guide. 

Maybe you don’t see yourself that way, but they do.

That’s all you need. 

That story you tell of how they get from where they are now to where they want to be? That’s your content. You now have an outline of a mini course you can use for building your list or generating revenue alongside your core biz.

And best of all? 

You actually know what you’re talking about. Now that’s valuable.

You can expand your marketing reach, bring in interested buyers, and save time (it’s true!) with a digital mini course.

When I created my first mini course, it wasn’t supposed to become a money-maker, although it eventually did.

I put together a mini course because:

  • it allowed me to give my students – and prospective customers – useful information in a format that was easy for them to understand and enjoy…
  • I was able to weave in the benefits of the products I was selling... which were doTERRA essential oils...
  • it positioned me as an expert in the field (kind of like how writing a book does).

Having something I could offer people that bottles up all the knowledge I was trying to spread around in my marketing helped me stop the wasted effort of running in place.

So once I decided that a mini course was a unique way of MARKETING I wanted to try, the question became… 

Well, how do I even START with this?

Years ago, I put out my first attempt at a digital mini course and it did ok. It brought in several dozen new leads. 

But here’s the thing: they were all highly qualified. Those early participants have become part of my life. 

They’ve joined my doTERRA team, are part of my network, and in some cases even my social circle. 

So when it came time to market my course again, the first thing I did was find someone I could learn more from. 

Someone who was an expert, spoke my language, understood the challenges in my biz, and had a clear plan I could pretty much just pick up and implement. 

That person for me was Amy Porterfield.

I could get away from grinding on my burned-out network. 

And stop spending energy on things that weren’t working great anymore.

And… I didn’t have to be super techy or a business guru to do it. I didn’t need to hire all these professionals or spend a ton of money to make it happen, either.

All I needed to do was tap into the info that was already inside my head.

And apply it against her templated plan.

So, so simple.

The secret to creating a digital mini course: follow a proven step-by-step plan

When Amy announced she had a turn-key program that would walk me through every step of creating and launching an online course, I was in.

And let me tell you, friends, it was a game-changer.

When I say this program had everything I needed in it, I mean everything.

  • I learned how to get specific on the digital mini course topic was going to offer.
  • I was taught how to create the right content my ideal client wanted from me… which I was already using in my existing marketing. But this mapped it out in a much easier-to-understand format that I knew would be received better than what I was already doing.
  • I was given the easy-to-follow roadmap to market my course. In a way that was authentic to me and provided high value to my prospective customers.
  • And it showed me the exact methodology for laying out my messaging, sales material, and using my existing marketing channels to get the “yes” from the people I had been struggling with.

Yes, it took some work on my part, but it was easier than I thought it would be. 

And you know what? 

It actually worked.

The results of my digital mini course...

My next course launch outperformed all of the social media, email marketing, network marketing, events, etc etc (you know the drill) that I had been doing for MONTHS before that. 

I was blown away.

With what I learned from Amy, launching that mini course added almost $100,000 in extra revenue to my business and thousands of new leads to my email list. Some of the people who completed the course have even joined my doTERRA team.  

What I’m telling you here is that this is completely doable stuff. 

You already have the knowledge. 

You are already doing the work of telling the world what you’re offering… or trying to anyway. 

And if your marketing is not working the way you want… need to do something different.

That’s it. 

For your mini course, you can go narrow and deep on a topic you’re passionate about.

You don’t have to create a massive, fully-baked course covering every single thing that you know, offer, or do.

The people looking for you are out there.

So now that special offer I was telling you about a few minutes ago…

That digital course training program from Amy Porterfield I mentioned? 

It’s running right now. Opened today, in fact.

The Digital Course Academy is the training I enrolled in which got me out of the daily grind of hustling for leads and into a space of more freedom, creativity, and abundance.

And, as a bonus, anyone who enrolls in Amy’s program will get some exclusive content from me. 

I hope this hack inspired you to consider adding an online mini course to your marketing mix. It truly reignited my biz and I know it can for you too.


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