Use These 6 Hacks to Eliminate Self-Doubt and Pursue Your Dreams

Do you ever find yourself struggling with self-doubt?

I think we all do to some extent.

If you ask yourself questions like: 
“Where should I start?” or 
“What should I do next?”
Or “Can I really do this?” 

Or, if you have thoughts like: 
“I’m not good enough” or 
“I always make these kinds of mistakes” … 

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The thing with self-doubt is -- it’s a HUGE limiting belief. 

It stops you from having courage. 

It prevents you from living the life you want.

And it may even convince you that you don’t deserve what you’ve been dreaming about.

That’s no way to live.

So if you need help busting self-doubt so you can rise up and be the badass YOU and I both know you are, I’ve got six hacks for you.  

Kick Self-Doubt Hack #1 - Learn to say STOP to yourself.

Set a boundary with yourself. 

When those doubts come up in your mind, give them a hard NO. 

Be as colorful with your language as you need to be. 

You can say it out loud or just in your mind. 

I’ve been known to say F you to a thought or two while driving. 

Nobody knows I’m talking to myself.

Whatever you decide, be clear with yourself --- we’re not going down that road again. 

This will disrupt the thought pattern so you can get back on track.

Kick Self-Doubt Hack #2 - Check your past

No, not the embarrassing time you ran into a wall or tripped walking into a room and everybody saw you do it.

I’m talking about the times you thought you’d fail, but you didn’t. 

You probably have a few things (or more) that didn’t work out like you hoped they would. 

But I’m betting there are quite a few times in your life where you tried something new and it went great. 

You rocked it. Who knew, right?

Maybe it was something simple like you were working towards a goal.

And then you achieved it.

Most of the time, self-doubt is just fear in disguise. 

Your brain is trying to protect you.

It wants you to stay in your comfort zone. 

But you can defeat it by tapping into those memories. 

Remember you’re capable of amazing things. 

Kick Self-Doubt Hack #3 - Stop comparing yourself

This may be the #1 reason women struggle with self-doubt.

It’s easy to hop on the comparison train, but that train won’t take you anywhere..

Social media is great at that, isn’t it?

But here’s the thing -- you can’t compare where you are right now to someone else’s journey.

You have no idea what that person’s been up to. What they’ve been up against.

Flip the comparison trap by comparing where YOU’VE been to where YOU are now. 

Chances are you’ve grown A LOT. 

And that’s something to feel good about, right?

Kick Self-Doubt Hack #4 - Remember people are focused on themselves

Yep. Truth.

No one is paying that close attention to any epic fail you may be having today. 

We’ve all got our own shiz to worry about. 

So if you’re over here worrying about what others think about you… guess what?

They don’t care.

They’re too busy focusing on themselves. 

They’re not worrying about you. 

So that means it’s time to let that go and focus on what you can control - your own actions. 

You can’t control someone rear-ending you at a stoplight.

But you can control your thoughts, how you react, and how the situation affects you the rest of the day. 

Kick Self-Doubt Hack #5 - Laugh a little

Or get a boost of optimism from somewhere.

In fact, level this one up by building a 20 minute block into your week where you do something fun.

Listen to a podcast that’s not about business tips or productivity. 

Read a book that’s mindless and fun. 

Sing a song.

Out loud. 

Ifyour voice is crap, sing in the shower.

Go for a walk. Or a drive.

Just enjoy yourself, and your life. 

This little bit of time spent on yourself will lower your stress. 

And it will shift your perspective around yourself, so you can stop doubting and start taking action. 

Kick Self-Doubt Hack # 6 - Don’t get derailed

Here’s the truth: everyone experiences setbacks. 

But guess what? They’re temporary. 

And guess what else?

A setback happens when you take a chance. 

And guess what you’ve gotta be in order to take a chance?

Pretty brave. 

And courageous. 

Shift how you think about setbacks. 

They’re an indicator that you’re on the right path. And they’ll pass.

Not to mention they show how brave you are. 

Before we wrap this up, I do have one awesome resource for you that can help you even more with self-doubt and being brave.

It’s a quiz. 

This quiz was put together by my friend, Amy Porterfield.

If you know Amy, you know she’s a master at helping business owners understand how introducing something like a digital course can be a total game changer for their business. 

The thing with digital courses is this -- they’re what I like to call a “front door” to your business.

In other words, having a digital course as one of your “business assets” is an amazing way to grow your email list.

And your email list? That’s the same thing as your list of prospects. Or potential customers.

Think creatively about how you could use a digital course to grow a list of leads. 

What would change if you had a course that accomplished this?

I can think of a few things:

  • You’d start establishing yourself as an authority on a topic! 
  • You’d have a really simple and no-pressure way to bring prospects onto your email list
  • You’d have a bunch of people to regularly email about the products you sell

Are you seeing how a course can become that “front door” to greater things?

This quiz Amy has put together is all about finding what the profitable path with a digital course and look like for you. 

So you’ll know exactly how you could leverage this “front door” to grow your leads list (and eventually bring more revenue your way!). 

If you combine the hacks you’ve learned today with the results from this quiz, you’ll be unstoppable. 

Be sure to let me know what your results are after you’ve taken it. 


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