Every Successful Biz Owner Does These Things to Achieve Her Dreams

Sometimes I feel like I need my morning beverage to come with it’s own inspirational quote.  

And even then, there are days I wake up not feeling my best and I need more.

More than a couple of quotes I’ve screenshot from my IG feed.

More than my Pinterest board of “someday” hopes.

More than the essential oil blend I have diffusing.

Do you ever feel the same way?

I thought so.

You need practical tips.

Actionable steps.

A powerful strategy -- that works.

Girl, I hear ya. 

Now, I love a good inspirational quote as much as the next person. 

Those quotes are great for a momentary burst of adrenaline but you’ve gotta back them up with solid steps. 

So, I’m going to share three of those solid steps with you so you can start taking action today. 

These are 3 things every successful biz owner does to achieve her dreams.

And they’re things you can do, too. 

Because your dreams are waiting for you to take action.

These steps all hinge upon your ability to tap into your courage. 

Yep. Ya know…

That little part of your mind that, deep down, really does believe you’re capable AF. 

Okay, let’s talk about what these are so you can go out and chase your dreams. 

Successful Biz Tip #1: Face your fears.

Specifically the fears you have about your own success.

I said it.

You’re afraid of being successful, aren’t you?

How many times have you hid or fled because you were secretly worried about what would happen IF you succeeded?

Maybe you were worried about additional responsibility.

More than you were ready to handle.

Or you’d get more attention and not be able to handle that either.

Or you’d gain more customers, but may disappoint them.

The list could go on. 

Those doubts are your limiting beliefs. 

They’re holding you back from achieving your dream. 

And they have no place in your mind. 

It’s time to face those fears. 

Here’s how: let’s say you’re afraid to become successful because you’re worried you can’t handle more responsibility.

Instead of focusing on the negative unknown, focus on the positive “what if”.

What amazing thing might happen IF you achieved more success?

You may have the chance to hire people to help you with that responsibility.

You may be invited to a podcast. 

You may make more money and find some freedom in your schedule.

Or have more impact.

See? It isn’t all doom and gloom.

Face your fears. It may surprise you what’s on the other side. 

Successful Biz Tip #2: Harness bravery as your rocket fuel.

Yep. You’re gonna need some rocket fuel.  And bravery is it. 

Bravery is ultimately tapping into your courage to overcome a specific fear.

When you’re brave, you give yourself the power to face your fear.

So this tip goes hand in hand with the first.

Bravery is a quality. 

You have the power to slip into it whenever you need to.

Think of it like a hat.

When you’re preparing to face a fear, imagine putting on a magic hat that channels your inner braveness. 

When you’re wearing your hat, you’re unstoppable.

You’re able to set fear aside, because you’re brave. 

This is how you harness your bravery.

You begin to understand it’s a component of your inner being. 

And you can control when you decide to wear it. 

You have the power to choose to be brave.

 Anytime you’d like. 

Successful Biz Tip #3: Celebrate your wins.

No matter how big or small, celebrate when you win!

This is how you build momentum.

Each step forward will ignite your fire a little more.

It will show you what’s possible.

And when you get in the habit of celebrating your wins, you’re gonna find facing your fears becomes easier.

You’re also going to discover a ripple effect.

You’ll be happier. 

More joyful.

Your life will feel more content.

You’ll be filled with more gratitude. 

All because you began cheering yourself on. 

A really cool way you can do this is by keeping a log of your successes.

You can keep that log in your phone or in a notebook.

And then you simply note any little win..

Over time, you’ll begin to map a timeline of all your successes.

I promise you - we all have them.

Imagine how amazing it will feel to look back and see how much you’ve accomplished. 

Okay, so there you have it - the three things every successful biz owner does to achieve her dreams.

One last thought for you. 

As you’re facing your fears about your own success, I have a challenge for ya. 

I think you can handle this.

I challenge YOU to challenge YOURSELF to begin really building your email list.

And using a digital mini course like I’ve been talking about to do so.

That’s what I do to build my list.

Here’s what this will do for you:

  • You’ll face a fear of the unknown -- especially if you’ve never created a mini course before. You’ll discover it’s easier than you ever thought it would be.
  • You’ll realize you have a personal brilliance the world needs access to (in the form of a mini course!). 
  • You’ll celebrate tons of wins for yourself along that journey. 
  • And, you’ll email list will grow once the course is ready to launch. And a growing email list means growing your biz. 
You probably realize Amy Porterfield is opening up annual access to her Digital Course Academy soon, right?

What you may not realize is that before the doors officially open, Amy is giving all my friends an invitation-only sneak peek into the course.

And I’m inviting you.

You can have access to the entire first module of Digital Course Academy - no strings attached.

For free.

This is the full module of her course. 

Not a teaser or small portion of it. 

It’s all the content you’d receive if  you were one of her students.

But you get it for free. 

Because Amy is that generous to my friends. 

And also because she knows (and I know this, too) it will really help you.

The first module is where you lay the groundwork for your first digital course or list builder.

So it’s kinda perfect that I challenged you, right?

Can’t wait to see your dreams come true.

(and your business grow)


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