How to be Consistent, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Do you ever have that kind of day? You know the one.
Days when you would rather stay in bed. Or ignore all the calls. Or not show up in your business.
It’s easy to give in to those days, and convince yourself you need a rest. You might be thinking: “I deserve a break.”
I get it. I have those thoughts too.
(Psst- I’ve got a surprise for you at the end, but don’t be one of those peeps who read the ending first, okay?) And stick with me until the end here because I have a surprise for you.
While it’s true we all need to rest sometimes, we have to be consciously aware of when the body is saying - I need a break! - versus when it’s time to evaluate how we’re spending our energy. 
What if you had a secret in your back pocket that helped you consistently show up in your life and biz… even on those kind of days?
Good news, because I’m about to share with you THE secret to being consistent.
Ready? Here it is: do more of what makes you feel good. 
Alright, blog’s over. 
Just kidding. Stick with me. There’s truth here. And I promise this isn’t self-help fluff. 
This is legit. 
There’s something about the body-brain connection that makes this true. Let me explain.
Let’s imagine you have a task you have to do. 
It’s something you’ve been avoiding. 
But you can’t ignore it anymore. 
The problem is, as you dig into it, it drains you.
It bums you out.. 
Maybe it makes you feel bored. 
Or tired. 
You focus on that feeling. 
Then you start thinking things like, “I really hate doing this.” 
Or “This is a waste of time.”
Once those thoughts start rolling through your mind, guess what happens?
You slow down.
You may even stop what you’re doing and tell yourself, “I’ll finish this later.”
Who can relate? 
I think we’ve all been there.
As I was describing that scenario, what I hoped you were doing was piecing together the pattern of events.
You felt bummed out.
You thought about how you didn’t enjoy what you were doing.
That influenced your actions.
So you didn’t finish whatever it was… and you gave up and moved on to something else.
You placated yourself by saying, “I’ll do it later” -- which gave you a happy feeling because it meant you could stop doing the thing you weren’t enjoying.
Do you see the pattern here?

Thoughts create feelings.
Feelings influence more thoughts.
Thoughts and feelings then influence action. 
Now that we have the connection, let's go back to the original question -- how do you consistently show up for yourself, even when you don’t feel like it?
The answer was: do things that feel good.
You’re probably thinking -- “But, Hayley, not everything is going to be fun. That’s just life.”
That’s absolutely true.
But you know what else is true? There’s an X factor here we’re not even talking about.
It’s your conscious mind. It’s your own ability to influence your feelings.
You have the power to change your thoughts. 
You have the power to use your thoughts to purposefully choose a different action. 
If there's something you know you must do to bring forward movement in your life or biz, but you’re dreading it… how can you shift your emotions around it? 
For example, let’s say you don’t really enjoy talking on the phone.
How can you change that?? 
How can you change how that makes you feel? 
Sometimes you can focus on the process. 
You can think about all the things you’ll learn. The opportunities that will come your way.
Or, maybe you’re results-oriented. 
What will the pay off be when you accomplish this thing?
The idea is to spark a new emotion -- one that’s going to inspire momentum, which will bring about that consistency you need.
So if you don’t like talking on the phone, maybe you go for a walk outside and get some fresh air while you’re talking. 
Or maybe you focus on how you can help that person, which then makes you feel great because you love helping others. 
When you inspire yourself to action, you create space for yourself to get shiz done.
It’s like opening a window in a stuffy room. 
You let the breeze in. 
You create movement. 
You generate consistency.
Not to mention you have the power to MAKE it fun. 
Maybe you do the thing outside. 
Maybe you turn up some music. 
Promise yourself a reward for accomplishing the task or project. Ie. When I’ve written this blog, I’m eating that entire bag of GF vegan cheez puffs.
Turn the focus from how it’s not fun and you dread it to how can I make this fun? 
If you’re needing a little extra boost around making things more fun, you may be interested in what I’m about to share next. 

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