3 Hacks to Stick with Your Fitness Routine

Here’s a fact about me: It’s almost impossible for me to not exercise.
Maybe sweat and cardio movements intimidate you. Maybe the idea of committing to a fitness routine makes your eye twitch. Maybe you’ve never stepped foot into a gym in your life!
If that’s you, I get it. 
Even though I’m the opposite, I can understand why not everyone is as passionate about fitness as I am.
To be fair, the main reason I am (and maybe this is TMI) is because without it… things aren’t normal for me. 
I’m literally referencing my body being able to detoxify itself. Movement is what keeps me healthy at every level - physical, mental and emotional. 
So without it, I have a huge hole in my holistic routine. 
If you’re someone who doesn’t view movement as part of her holistic routine, it could be because (until now) you’ve lacked the tools that make it easy.
Many times I think one simple roadblock stands in the way of women achieving their physical fitness goals: consistency.
Because, ultimately, a lack of consistency boils down to a sloppy time management. 
If that’s you, then the 3 hacks for consistency below are going to really help. 
Even if your goal is as simple as “I want to walk for 15 minutes a day”, if you don’t give yourself the tools and systems to achieve that goal… it’s not gonna happen. 
So let’s talk about how to do it. 

Fitness Consistency Hack 1 - Snooze Your Notifications

When it’s time for you to work on your health, take advantage of airplane mode on your phone.
Or, if you’re using an app to workout (which means you need the wifi or cellular connection), turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode. You can still access the content, but the notifications will not come through. 
I know firsthand how challenging it is to keep up with the consistency of my fitness routine when my phone Will.Not.Stop going off. 
Especially during the pandemic when I began exclusively working out at home, through apps. 
Instead of throwing my phone at the window (which was what I wanted to do!) I started using the Do Not Disturb mode. 
You can do this same thing and trust that you’ll have the focused time you need to show up for the workout you’ve planned to do. 
Which leads us to hack #2. 
Fitness Consistency Hack 2 - Treat Your Time As Non-Negotiable

In other words, take it seriously.
If you don’t take your desire to workout seriously, guess what will happen? No one else around you will take it seriously either. 
Set yourself up to succeed by making it a priority. 
This is as simple as letting the people in your house know you’ll be spending some time working out. 
Or, if you’re a business owner, sharing with your team that you’ll be available for a call after you’ve had time at the gym. Even if your “gym” is your driveway or basement right now.
Block the time on your calendar. Treat it as sacred. It’s up to you to teach others how your time should be treated 

Fitness Consistency Hack 3 - Only Do What Feels Good

If you’ve been trying to make something like CrossFit work, but you just aren’t into throwing tires down the street… then it’s okay to let it go.
I promise.
If you’ve needed someone to give you permission to simply do you, this is the moment. 
Just because you saw that influencer on IG got her six-pack from Barre but you’re triggered by ballet, doesn’t mean you have to ignore your truth and sign up. 
Or just because you used to be really into swimming, but now you’d rather die than swim a lap around the pool, doesn’t mean you should pick it back up again.
Things change. We’re all different. That’s okay.
If there’s one truth I could hang my hat on, it would be this: the key to holistic happiness (true, deep happiness) is doing what feels good to you. 
Being authentic to yourself. Walking out your truth.
Maybe the reason consistency has been a struggle with your fitness is because you've been trying to do something you just aren’t into?
It’s okay to get real with yourself and readjust what you're doing to be more aligned with who you are. 
To help you with this, I’ve put together a little fitness tracker. You can download this for free and use it daily to track your consistency. Over time, you’ll build a new fitness habit. 

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