Simple Ways To Get Fit At Home

Before I became certified as a Holistic Health and Life Coach, I had a career as a Pilates and yoga instructor. In addition to working with clients one on one and instructing group classes, I also held the position as Mind-Body Coordinator for a major health club. 

It was my job to make sure my students had access to classes that were both challenging but do-able (multi levels). 

I spent years coordinating movement routines that flowed.

Breath to movement.  Movement to breath.

Themed through the body with the ultimate goal of strength and expansion.  It’s kind of like this little known superpower I have. 

My passion for staying fit in both body and mind hasn’t waned.  However, instead of teaching Pilates “workouts” I coach others along their holistic wellness journeys. 

It’s been a little rough going lately but I don’t want your fitness to suffer.

So I thought I’d tap into that superpower and share with you 3 ways you can stay fit at home.

You don’t need any special equipment for these workouts. 

In fact, I’d bet my cacao latte you’ve got all the supplies you need, already in your home.

Plus, these work for any fitness level - even kids. Which means they’re great to do together as a family. 

Let’s get to it.

Get Fit At Home Workout 1 - Create Your Own High Intensity Series

You might be familiar with a workout style called HIIT. It stands for high intensity interval training.

The idea is you do a small burst of intense workouts organized into a series. Then you rest. Then you repeat that same series again. 

You can make your own HIIT series at home with some notecards. 

Grab 10 blank cards and write a high intensity workout on each like:
  • 10 burpees
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 10 pushups
  • 20 sit ups
Gather the cards up and shuffle them. Lay them out. Now you have a series.

Run through the series as quickly as you can, then rest for a couple minutes. Repeat the series a few times to get a full workout in. 

Get Fit At Home Workout 2 - Create An Obstacle Course

You can get really creative with this one. Use a room or large area in your home to create an obstacle course using objects from around your home.

Here are some ideas:
  • Move chairs around to create different pathways
  • Put folded blankets on the ground that have to be jumped over to pass
  • Use plastic cups or furniture to create boundaries
  • Use the stairs to run up and down

When the course is set up, have everyone in your house run through it on a timer. Whoever runs fastest, wins. 

One quick note: just be careful when setting up the course so no one will get hurt.  And be mindful of your pets.

Get Fit At Home Workout 3 - Get Creative With Your House

Start looking at the furniture and objects in your house as things you can integrate into your routine.

Walls are perfect for resistance training.

Lay on the floor and put your legs up on a couch for some easy sit ups.

Use heavy books (or wine bottles if it’s that kind of day) as your  weights.

You get the idea. There are a ton of opportunities for you to workout if you just look around your house. 

And if you want to have a healthy competition, see who in your family can come up with the most creative use of an everyday object or piece of furniture.

Now, all that’s left is to try one or all of these ideas. Stay strong and healthy and I’ll see ya online!


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