Create A Better Morning Routine With These 6 Hacks

I’ve got a question for you… What if you could wake up in the morning and feel energized and productive?

Even a little bit excited at the prospect of starting your “work” day?

What would that do to your attitude and mood if the first few moments in the morning were spent feeling calm? 



These don’t have to be “what if” questions. It is possible to wake up most mornings and feel energized instead of anxious, stressed or exhausted. 

These don’t have to be “what if” questions. It is possible to wake up most mornings and feel energized instead of anxious, stressed or exhausted. 

The secret is in creating a morning routine that works for you. 

I’m willing to bet that, up until now, your morning routine has looked something like this:

  • wake up kinda groggy
  • check your phone
  • roll out of bed
  • get dressed and ready
  • drink coffee and maybe have breakfast… the end.

While there’s nothing wrong with any of those individual actions, they don’t add up to a routine that’s bringing energy to your morning.

When you decide to invest more thought and time into creating a morning routine that lifts you up, it can single-handedly change how the rest of the day unfolds.


Because a solid morning routine promotes feelings of accomplishment and productivity before most of the world is even up and functioning. 

And that’s truly one of the best feelings in the world - like your day already is moving forward in a good way before it’s officially time to begin. 

Ease, grace and productivity.  

I love it.

Plus, the obvious benefits like improved mood, better energy and sustained positivity are pretty great too. 

That’s why I’ve put together 6 hacks for you to create the perfect morning routine for you. 

Morning Routine Hack 1: Go to bed

Yep. Your amazing morning starts with your ability to get to bed at a reasonable time.

Most adults need somewhere between 7 and 9 hours of sleep.

You can use an app to track your sleep to help you better understand what your optimal sleep amount is. 

Getting enough sleep helps you to not fight waking up when your alarm goes off.

Try setting an alarm on your phone to tell you when it’s time to head to bed, especially if you find it challenging to unplug from the day and get some rest. 

I have a ring that tracks my level of “readiness”, activity and sleep efficiency. It’s called an Oura ring and if you’re into that level of tracking, you should check it out. 

Morning Routine Hack 2: Get a Gentle Alarm Clock

Maybe you’re like me and the sound of a blaring alarm first thing in the morning is not how you want to start your day. Does anyone want to be startled awake?

Anyhow, the good news is that gentle alarm clocks are a thing!

It’s true. These alarm clocks use light therapy. Instead of a jarring beeping sound your room is gradually filled with warm light that naturally wakes you up. 

This is a much better way to start your day, trust me. No harsh sounds first thing in the morning means you’re less likely to wake up feeling anxious.

After years of perfecting my routine, my body is on a natural sleep/wake cycle, but if you’re still searching for that balance then a gentle alarm clock is definitely what you need.  

Morning Routine Hack 3: Swap checking social media for a guided meditation

If you’re going to be reaching for your phone first thing, try opening up a meditation app first instead of social media or your email. 

Starting the day with information overload sends your brain into hyperactive mode. 

You may immediately begin thinking of the things you need to do, and feeling pressure to rush into your day. 

Not the ideal way to wake up, right? 

This has become my non negotiable, morning ritual lately.

There are two meditation apps I recommend: BrainTap is my favorite because of it’s combination of light and sound therapy with guided meditation.

But the Calm app is a great option, too -- for simple, but effective, guided meditations. 

Whatever you decide, the point is to gradually activate your brain from a place of calm. 

Morning Routine Hack 4: Drink something warm

Not something cold. The whole idea here is to treat your mornings as a way for your mind and body to gradually wake up.

Cold stuff first thing in the AM makes your gut work on overdrive to stabilize your core temp. 

The warmth activates your gut in a gentler way and hydrates you after fasting all night. 

You can keep it easy by drinking warm water with lemon.  

Or, level up your basic water by adding a scoop of collagen to it. Collagen has anti-aging properties and is amazing for your hair, skin and nails. 

Oftentimes I add my chinese herbs to warm water in the morning before I break my fast for the day.

Or, if the warm drink you normally reach for in the mornings is coffee, try a different source of energy in the form of adaptogenic mushrooms.

Yes, I’m saying to drink mushrooms. Did I lose you there? 

Adaptogens, like reishi mushrooms, are non-toxic plants and herbs that help your body protect itself and adapt to stress.

Some of them increase your focus and provide a steady stream of energy throughout the day - which means no crash later. They’re a healthier alternative to traditional caffeine.

Morning Routine Hack 5: Move your body in some way

This can be as simple as stretching.

Run through a simple stretching routine that loosens up your muscles and shakes any remaining stiffness from the night.

Some people really enjoy an intense workout first thing in the morning. If that’s you, go for it. 

The point is by moving your body early in the day, you’ll increase your circulation, energy and mood. 

Morning Routine Hack 6: Brush your skin

Dry brushing is literally what it sounds like - brushing dry skin with a dry bristle brush.

When you regularly dry brush your skin, you’ll notice it gets softer. Because your body is detoxing as you slough away dead skin.

It helps your natural detoxification process by stimulating circulation and your lymphatic system. 

Your lymphatic system is the one that removes metabolic waste from your body and transports infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body!

Our lymphatic system doesn’t contain any muscles to pump around lymph fluid like our heart does with our blood, so the efficiency of our lymphatic system relies on our movement. Dry brushing is one easy way to stimulate this system.

To get started, stand in the shower or tub without the water turned on. Grab your brush and start at your ankles, brushing in little circles or tiny strokes in an upward motion. Move all the way around your body, always starting at your extremities and brushing toward the heart.

Don’t brush your neck or face - those areas are too delicate. When you’re finished, moisturize your skin and you’re done.

And hey, if you’re a person who liked to take a bath in the evening, you can do this then, before or after the evening bath, instead.  Either way, it’s a great practice.  

You can even uplevel by adding a little essential oil to your dry brush. I love using my Aromatouch massage blend that facilitates moving the lymphatic system along.

If you want this complete list in PDF form with a checklist, grab it here

Stay rested. 

XO, Hayley

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