My 3 Favorite Hacks for Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is a lot more than poppin’ a vitamin C supplement from time to time, right? It comes down to putting a few holistic habits in place that create a preventative care system.

And you know I’m all about the systems. Because they make life easier. 

I’m sharing a bit of my own healthcare routine that’s going to make your life easier. 

Why? Because it will put you on the path to creating routines that will keep you healthy (and happy). 

This means if you have the knowledge and resources that empower you to care for yourself at your disposal … you can be healthy and remain healthy - 

Which further means you have more time to spend being productive and you’ll spend less time feeling like crap or heading to the doctor. 

Sounds good, dontcha think? Let’s get right to it.

1 - Use Tea Tree Oil Daily

This oil comes from the Australian tea tree plant - specifically its leaves of course. The leaves are steamed and that steaming process produces the oil.

Amazing, right?

Nature is the best form of medicine. And tea tree oil is one of the best examples of this. 

Tea tree can clean your bod and your skin - try adding it to your cleanser for an extra burst of cleaning power.

It can also purify the air in your home when you diffuse it. 

It’s one of THE best oils to have on hand if you’re interested in keeping your home full of health and wellness.  

My fav way to use tea tree oil is to create your own DIY multipurpose cleaner. I clean my counters with this on the daily, plus any other areas of my house that need some extra sanitizing. 

Here’s the recipe:
  • 16 oz glass spray bottle 
  • Add 20 drops tea tree oil to the bottle
  • Add ¼ cup distilled white vinegar to the bottle
  • Add ¾ cup water to the bottle

That’s it! You’ve hacked yourself a sanitizing powerhouse with all natural ingredients.

2 - Take A Wellness Shot 

I’m not talking about actual injections. Like with a needle. 

I’m talking about the shots you may have done in college except now instead of them being filled with stuff that stresses out your liver… they’re filled with good for you, nutrient-packed ingredients that support your immune system.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this one hundred times but your gut is basically the home of your immune system.

So eating and drinking real foods that help boost your immune system are absolutely essential to your health.

And that’s where wellness shots come in.

You can take a wellness shot regularly - like on the daily - or you can work these wellness shots into your routine during certain times of the year - you know, the times you’re prone to getting sick or feeling under the weather.

If you decide to take one every day, I’d recommend something super simple like raw ginger brewed in water and then adding a squeeze of lemon.

You can keep this “tea” or powerhouse combo in the fridge so you can pour yourself a shot every morning.

To simplify it and take the task of brewing the ginger out of the equation (I get it… you're busy) try adding a drop of ginger and lemon essential oils into a shot glass of water.  #downthehatch

And then there’s my heavy hitter wellness shot recipe which I definitely think you should be using periodically. 

Here’s the recipe:
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • Add a pinch of grated, fresh ginger
  • Add ½ teaspoon turmeric
  • Add ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Add ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

Mix these ingredients together in a shot glass (or any glass!) and drink. 

Full disclosure: this doesn't taste great but that isn’t the point. The point is to keep your body healthy and this combination of ingredients is an anti-inflammatory, a massive boost of vitamin C, and increases your antioxidants.

New research is coming out too that shows these ingredients (ginger in particular) can help kill the rhinovirus which is better known as the common cold. 

And if that isn’t enough to sell you on wellness shots, I don't know what is. 

3 - Listen To Your Body

It doesn’t matter if you’re pounding the wellness shots and spritzing antimicrobial spray if your body is run down. Or your energy is blocked, or just plain off. 

Here’s the thing with this hack… it’s a tricky one.

It’s a real challenge to shut out the noise - real noise and the digital noise - and just listen to your body. 

But here’s the other thing with this hack… it’s not massively time consuming. Just give yourself 10-20 minutes a day with no distractions. Close your eyes. And tune into your energy.

That literally means feeling your bod in the moment - is there any pain? Are you feeling tired? Is something dragging you down?

When you come back from checking in with yourself, you’ve gotta do something about what you’ve discovered - that’s the catch.

When I do this, usually it means I need to take a few deep breaths (yes sometimes we forget to breathe).

Or it means I need to go soak in the tub and have some quiet time where I just unplug for a bit.

Or I need a dip in the sauna (do you have one at your health club?).

Or I’ve gotta book a session with my massage therapist or reiki practitioner to clear my energy.  

Or maybe I just need to get to bed an hour later or sleep in 30 minutes more the next morning.

That wraps it up - when you start using tea tree regularly, supporting your immune system with wellness shots and being in tune to your body… you’re going to turn into a walking wellness powerhouse. 

Stay healthy!


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