The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?
Sheesh. What a year.
We’re less than 10 days away from Christmas, so maybe you ALL got your shopping done already…
But if you’re STILL looking for some unique, personal gifts to give to loved ones, I THINK you’re going to love what I have to share today: it’s  the ultimate 2020 gift guide.
But this isn’t just any old gift guide. It’s curated for people who are into wellness and making 2021 a stellar year.
No generic gifts here! 

The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is made for the non-generic people on your list.

Because no one REALLY wants another sweater or tin of fudge… and don’t even get me started on those bath product baskets. 🙄 (Although I did buy 4 bottles of doTERRA’s Adaptiv bath oil for myself this year – I mean when you say mental health, I say I’m in).  

The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift #1: For your best friend who wants to feel like herself again.
In case you missed the memo, 2020 has been STRESSFUL. 🤣
And stress can wreak havoc on our bodies in all sorts of ways.
So if you’ve got a loved one who:
  • Regularly talks about how she feels like crap because she’s been stress eating and NOT working out.
  • Says she’s noticed changes in her skin, like dryness, dullness, puffiness, or breakouts.
  • Has a hard time sleeping.
Well, my friend, those are all symptoms of stress. But – good news! – they can all be addressed through a holistic system.
So if you have someone in mind for this kind of gift, then… the “Your Whole You” course is the perfect present.
It’s a 6-week, self-guided online course that helps create healthier habits holistically.  Everything from sleep to food to productivity… AND how to create a home environment that feels GOOD. Goodbye stressful clutter!
This course is the ultimate stress-reduction toolkit – plus, it’s 50% off if you get it before Christmas. A useful gift for under $100? Yes please!

Gift #2: For your colleague who sucks at drinking water. (LOL)

We ALLLL know these people. In fact, you may BE these people.

If you have a person like this on your holiday shopping list (or if you wanna sneak in a gift for yourself) then I highly recommend Goodonya’s Hydrate product.

It’s an electrolyte powder that can be added to water to supercharge hydration. Best of all, it has NATURAL electrolytes and minerals – with only 1 gram of sugar.

Here’s why that’s important: Most other electrolyte or hydration products you can get have 40-plus grams of processed sugar. Which is NOT good for you!

Goodonya’s product has ingredients found in nature:
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Organic lemon juice
  • Organic coconut water
  • And other refreshing, hydrating ingredients that are certified organic and natural.

So now you have a subtle (and tasty!) way to encourage your colleague to drink more water. She may not tell you to your face, but she’ll appreciate that you’re looking out for her health and wellbeing.

Gift #3: For your sister who wants to learn meditation. 

Meditation is a practice that’s been scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost health, and improve mental clarity – but it’s also great for honing intuition.

With so many of us focused in our brains these days, we often lose the connection to our own inner knowing. The “gut instinct” that guides you toward what you’re supposed to do with your life.

So for someone looking for deeper connection… to figure out what her purpose is… or to get her mind game right… I highly recommend BrainTap.

BrainTap is a really unique system for meditation that combines light and sound, in addition to the audio guided meditation. 

This combo is what sets it apart and makes it even better than your average meditation session. 

I’m talking MAJOR results here. It’s the super-powerful tool I personally use daily for mental health, clarity, and feeling grounded every day.

And, I’ve secured a 15-day free trial for you to see if it’s the kind of thing you (or the person on your holiday list) would be into. And, if you decide you love it as much as I do, I also have a $100 off the amazing meditation headset too (this magical device is where it’s at, TBH!)

Gift #4: For the essential oil enthusiast. 

This one is a personal fav of all EO fans. Or soon-to-be fans. I find that people who try to eat clean, practice yoga, or meditate regularly are usually enthusiastic about oils. 

I’ve even introduced EOs to women who just want to cut back on the harsh chemicals we’re around all the time. 

And with the massive shortages we’ve had this year in cleaning products, wouldn’t it be nice to make your own effective cleaning products whenever you want?

This gift idea is a doTERRA Membership.

Through the end of December, when you enroll as a wholesale customer via a membership and hack your health with healing essential oils, you’ll get a free bottle of Frankincense… one of the most diverse and precious oils in the world. 

This bonus oil is worth nearly $100 so it’s a STEAL of a deal right now.

The starter kit I personally recommend is the Healthy Essentials Kit, which contains the 10 most important oils to start with. 

And because it comes with a diffuser in the kit, your loved one can start hacking her health the minute the box arrives at her door.

Gift #5: For the mom who’s trying to kick that sugar habit… without feeling deprived. 

The Organifi Harmony powder is made from cacao – which means it’s delicious used as a hot chocolate, latte, or even just a breakfast replacement. 

This is a brand new Organifi product and it's quickly become one of my favorites. 

It was designed BY women FOR women, specifically to support our unique health needs around hormones and managing stress. 

The ingredients in Harmony are: maca, chatavari, chaste berry, ginger, turmeric, coconut milk, and of course, my personal fav… cacao. 

Which means this is like good-for-you chocolate milk, packed with adaptogens, anti-oxidants, and nourishing vitamins and minerals. 

This is a fantastic stocking stuffer for any woman on your list who’s looking to improve her health… without resorting to extremes or giving up her creature comforts.

Gift #6: For the biz owner who wants to grow but still have a life. 
Have a friend who has her own biz but seems to struggle with work-life balance? Building your biz is no small feat -- but it’s also completely doable. Once you know the right tricks to apply.
The Hack Your Biz bundle is ideal for the hands-on business owner who doesn’t have a lot of time to figure growth opportunities out on her own… but wants to see results ASAP.

I've packaged up my most comprehensive business workbook and paired it with resource guides to help bring the biz-building concepts to life. 

The workbook, Consciously Creating Your Business, covers how to set up an easy online marketing funnel to help you promote your business online. And the resource guide bundle has 10 of my best tip sheets containing premium hacks for your website, social media, sales, and more. 

It’s perfect for the woman who wants to elevate her biz to the next level as quickly and efficiently as possible, so she still has time for all the fun stuff in life!

Bonus: it’s an online item, so it’s delivered as soon as you click the button.
The link to check out ALL these gift ideas is

And, you’ll find discounts on the gifts, plus direct links to everything in the guide there.

So you can do more with your holiday budget while still giving unique, personalized gifts.

Because no one needs ANOTHER set of bath products, am I right?

Happy shopping… and I’ll see ya online.

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