3 signs your life’s “systems” are broken & need THIS repair plan

I don’t know about you, but sometimes there are days when shiz just seems to be going SIDEWAYS.

Maybe it’s Mercury in Retrograde. Maybe it’s just having a bad day…

But when it starts happening A LOT?

Well, it’s most likely a sign that the systems you’re using in your life are broken.

By “life systems” I mean how you go about your day.

Most people generally have a process—or routine—to how they live their daily lives.

Or, more specifically, how they complete tasks on the regular.

When you look at your tasks and to-dos as a system and you run up against the same struggle over and over again, it’s an opportunity to change it up.

But, there are a few simple-to-decipher signals to look out for.

3 Signs Your Life’s Systems Are Broken

Sign #1: You are filled with dread.

Wanna know a task that used to fill me with dread?

Going to Costco (or honestly any chain grocery store) on a Saturday.

Why oh why did I ever think this was a good idea? 

In fact, how does ANYONE think this is a good idea?

If you have a recurring task or process that causes you dread, this is a clear red flag that you have a broken life system.

Often the way to resolve it is simple, but breaking out of a pattern that no longer serves you can FEEL like more work than the pain you know… 

So you don’t do it. And continue to live with dread.

This clearly is no way to live, which is why I’m offering you a repair plan at the bottom of this article.

Sign #2: You experience constant struggle.

Repeating the same patterns—particularly negative patterns—is a big clue that something isn’t working.

I mean, duh, right?

For example, do you have the same fight with your kid over what she’ll eat… or wear… or whatever the thing is in your house?

My friend, this is a clear symptom of a broken life system.

But oftentimes we get NUMB to the pain of the struggle.

We expect it. Anticipate it.

We go into it anyway... fully bracing for the struggle.

So if you find yourself feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day struggling with the same thing over and over again, you’re dealing with a busted life system.

Sign #3: You are tired. A lot. Every day. Or, at least most days.

This one you probably wouldn’t expect to be a sign because it feels so ingrained in your day to day… but it doesn’t have to be.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to end each day super perky and full of energy for this NOT to be a sign for you…

But if most days it feels like you’ve been through the wringer and you’re consistently putting the needs of others before your own, and it’s finally catching up with you…

This means there’s likely a broken life system going on.

Sign #3 is usually a little harder to pinpoint the exact place the break is happening, yet it’s often the symptom people notice the most. 

The main reason it’s hard to identify WHERE the break is happening is because there are multiple busted life systems going on.

So how do we get out of this?

The Repair Plan

The underlying theme with these 3 signs is that boundaries are being crossed… if there are even any boundaries at all.

So how do you fix this?

When you notice any of the three signs, then it’s time to pick up those boundaries lying there on the ground, dust them off, and replant them firmly…

Knowing that boundaries are OK!

They’re to help you be the best version of yourself… creating a purposeful sense of FLOW for you and those around you.

I mean, can you imagine if Costco had NO aisles whatsoever?

Or if the freeway were a free-for-all?

Boundaries can be good!

The first step in the repair plan is to take stock of the signs you notice where you may be experiencing broken life systems.

Think of where you feel resistance or things not flowing as easily as they could.

Here’s an exercise to try.

In your journal, make two columns on the page, labeling one “what flowed today” and the other “what didn’t flow today”. Then let it alllll out. No judgment, just what comes to mind.

Do this for a week or two and then notice if there are any patterns. 

The second step is to begin taking action.

Now, it can be overwhelming to look at all the broken life systems, which is where hacks come in.

So just how do you hack your way to shoring up those boundaries when you’ve spent so long letting them be bent?

Well, the first thing to know is that many women have this same challenge with boundaries… 

With their families, their jobs, their time… 

It’s so common that most of us don’t even recognize that there’s any other way. But there is—I’m serious!

And you don’t have to be mean about it, or feel guilty or like you’re being selfish.

This is a major MINDSET shift.

The second thing I want to share is that there is power in community.

I mean, how great would it be to have a group of smart, talented women you feel connected with telling you that it is OK for you to say no to something… 

...or to offer a fresh approach to a challenge you’ve been struggling with for weeks… maybe even months or years?

...Who reaffirm that the broken life system you’re experiencing is real...

...that it’s not all in your mind… 

...that you’re not alone in the struggle?

...AND that there are ways to fix it…

...without completely changing your life from the ground up. 

The #1 thing that has consistently helped me fix broken life systems and find a fresh approach to creating better flow in my day is by learning what other people I identify with have done.

I mean, I could spend all day Googling and trying things out or I could ask someone I know who has successfully done it.

I know which one I’d pick.

So if you’re like me in that way… then you are the exact kind of person I’m inviting to join my new online community called Habit Hackers.

And guess what?

Our very first topic in November is about creating healthy boundaries!

Which means you can get that inside scoop on how to identify those broken life systems and a quick “repair kit” to address them now and in the future.

Now here’s the deal – and I’m sorry to do this to you…

But you only have until tomorrow to decide if you want to join. ACK!

I’m pouring ALL of my resources into this amazing community of professionals, moms, fur moms… 

Women who are seeking that sense of COMMUNITY to live their lives to the fullest, with less stress, and a solid sense of ease…

While STILL getting All.The.Things done… and done well. Because, as I’ve said, it IS possible!

The link to check it out is:

The opportunity to join the Habit Hackers community as a founding member ends TOMORROW!

Founding members get early access to each month’s content… at the best rate possible. 

It’s the online community version of getting in at the ground floor.

Here are some of my favorite highlights… the things I’m MOST excited about in the group…

  • Monthly “success kits” - which pulls together resources, trainings, and hacks from amazing guest speakers who are EXPERTS in one of the wellness pillars we’ll be focusing on… often around nutrition, reducing stress, or amping up productivity, as examples.
  • Group work you’ll actually enjoy - new tools and tips for a particular topic we’re working on together in this online members-only group.
    • For November, it’s about how to create INNER PEACE… and set healthy BOUNDARIES… without turning into a witch or feeling like a mean, selfish hag. (Sorry about using these terms, but Halloween is on my mind so that’s what’s coming up for me right now! LOL)
  • AND due to popular demand… RECIPES!
    • This is one of the most commonly-requested pieces of content I get on the regular, so I’m planning on sharing a recipe or two each month that fits into our theme.  It could be a delicious dinner to try, a tasty snack, aromatherapy or essential oil blend I’ve personally found to support the theme… It’ll change up each month.

Those are just a FEW of the MANY perks the founding members will get when they join the Habit Hackers community.

Get the full deets RIGHT HERE to find out more about this brand new membership group and all the fantastic founding member perks you can get by joining before tomorrow 

So let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

There are three key signs that may show up for you if you’re experiencing broken life systems…

Sign #1 is a sense of dread.

Sign #2 is that Groundhog Day feeling of constant struggle with the same task or interaction over and over again.

And Sign #3 is regularly feeling super tired at the end of your day. 

The first step of the repair plan is to identify what’s interrupting your flow, and the second one is to create an action plan to resolve it and stop it from happening again.

My recommendation is to get yourself a community of people who will help support you, offer you fresh insights and tried-and-tested hacks that have been proven to work for busy women who don’t have a lot of time to waste trying out everything Google suggests.

That’s why I am inviting you to join the brand new Habit Hackers online community… geared specifically for busy women with amazing, full lives, who want to experience more flow in their days.

But, tomorrow is the last day to join, so please don’t wait too long. 

I hope to see you in the group and as always… I’ll see ya online.

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