The 4-part “marathon mindset” to finish each day like a champion

You know how they say Oprah has the same 24 hours in a day that you do?

Well, that’s true… but she also has A LOT of help to make her as successful as she is.

Her energy seems endless! 

I mean, if you’re as ambitious as Oprah, you have to have stamina, am I right?

Maybe you aren’t interested in building as big of an empire as Oprah…

But you WOULD like to maintain your energy as you work towards doing All.The.Things in YOUR busy life.

That’s why I want to share the ONE mindset shift to help you do that. 

This hack is to think about your day as a marathon instead of a sprint.

With this mentality, it’s no longer about getting to your destination as fast as possible, then stopping.

It becomes about getting to your destination at a strong pace you can maintain all day… and feeling good longer – while still achieving your goal.

Now, the thing I know about marathon runners is they have TONS of hacks to help them finish those 26.2 miles.

In fact, there’s a 4-part technique you can apply to your life, too. 

Once I learned this secret, life was never the same. 

Here’s an example of how I applied this “my day as a marathon” mindset to keep my energy up all day long while still crushing All.The.Things on my to-do list. (With time to spare!)

The 4-part “Daily Marathon” Technique For Busy Women

Part 1: Nailing Your Prep Plan

When I started down this path two decades years ago, I THOUGHT I was busy…

Compared to now, it’s nothing.

Back then, I was getting most everything done, but ending the day tired down to my BONES.

And quite frankly, I was still a little stressed that maybe I had forgotten something, which meant that I was physically and mentally wiped… yet my brain was up at night still working… making it hard for me to sleep.

Not an ideal recipe for the next day, is it?

So the first step in the “my day as a marathon” shift was in the PREP.

To start, I looked at my existing habits and noticed the BAD ones I was using as crutches during my day. 

Let’s be honest, we all have them.

The shift here was I chose to look at them as an outsider… 

What would my coach notice if I said I was ending my day super tired, but with my mind still swirling?

And what would they say if I was 100% honest with them about the dirty little habits that were probably playing into feeling this way?


So, for step one… for Prep... I first looked at my morning.

And notice it was pretty inconsistent. 

But on days when I had more of a structured schedule, I actually felt calmer and more relaxed throughout the day.

On these days, there was a pattern.

  • I had a smoothie recipe I was excited to drink in the morning.
  • I booked workout and meditation time for myself.
  • I had two hours of work time blocked on my calendar.

Those were the kind of days where I felt solid.

So, I began doing this regularly. 

It hasn’t always been perfect, but with my prep mapped out, I felt pretty good that my morning was going to set me up for success.

Part 2: Building Momentum

For this step, I struggled a little bit at first to figure out why I felt momentum – or flow – on some days more than others.

So I began journaling. 

Not only did it help get those swirling thoughts out of my head, but I began to pick up that what happened in the morning was what really influenced my momentum. 

This helped me double down on prepping.

I learned journaling doesn’t have to be a major process either. 

Even just 10 minutes jotting down what I did that day, whether I felt in the flow or struggled a lot, really helped me pinpoint the positive actions that seemed to help…

So I could try them again to keep that flow state going.

Part 3: Maintaining the Energy Once You’re Moving with Momentum

This one was relatively easy for me since I know my body pretty well and what hacks to reach for when I’m starting to hit that mid-afternoon slump. 

Three that consistently work for me are:

  • Snacking on nuts – healthy, energy-boosting favorites like almonds, macadamias and pistachios are my go-to.

  • The Motivate essential oil blend – if I’m at home or in the office, I’ll get the diffuser going or if I’m on the road, I’ll do a quick dab spritz of Motivate to instantly feel re-energized, confident, and ready to go.

  • Getting outside – even if it’s just 10-15 minutes (yes even when it’s cold!), breathing the fresh air and stepping away from whatever has been running me down, REALLY helps.

This one is about finding healthy, natural pick-me-ups to keep your energy going all day long. They don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming either!

Part 4: Finishing Strong

This means planning a little celebration at the end of the day.

For me, it’s usually something to help me relax before a restful night’s sleep.

I like to mix it up, to keep the rewards fresh, but some of my favorites for hitting that finish line are:

  • Half an hour to an hour reading a good book.
  • A delicious vegan peanut butter cookie.
  • A soothing soak in the hot tub.

It took me a little bit of time and self-discovery to find what worked for me, but once I did, that marathon got a whole lot easier to maintain!

How to Apply the “Daily Marathon” Mindset to Your Own Life

To apply this “day as a marathon” mindset, first you’ll need to identify what tactics will help YOU reach that finish line each day much much easier and incorporate this 4-part technique into your life… without dropping all those plates you’re spinning.

And I have the exact plan you need.

Now, the thing I’ll tell you is that the marathon runners who join a support system have a much higher chance of finishing the race.

Why do you think running groups are so popular?

Because the secret to successfully keeping your energy up all day long – naturally – and hitting the pillow feeling GOOD at the end of the day is teamwork.

And because I know this works… and I spent way too long figuring this secret out…

I’m calling all the amazing women with super full lives… 

...who are busy and loving it… 

...who are looking for fresh, doable ideas to manage it all…. 

...AND who want to crush that to-do list and feel GREAT at the end of the day…

To join together in an online community with me.

This is where I’m bringing it all together and building the support system we need to  improve productivity, get more rest, and eat better so we can get All. The. Things Done… and done WELL.

Think of it like life training instead of marathon training. 

So let me share a little bit more about this group I’m talking about.

The community is called Habit Hackers and it’s a members-only online group you’re invited to join. 

Who is in the group?
  • SUPER fun women who have very full lives, lives they LOVE.
  • Professionals, moms, fur moms.
  • Women who love to try out new, healthy tricks to boost their energy, feel good in their body and mind, and end their day with a deep sense of contentment.

What’s this community about?
While I lead the group, really this is a community driven by the women who are part of it. 

Most of the content I put together or share is based on what we women are discussing – like how to deal with stress better, eat healthier, get those 10,000 steps in...!  

It’s crazy to see how much we are all going through the same things at the same time! 

Truly, it’s an interactive, supportive group of smart, busy women working on their goals together – which can be really hard to find, online or in real life.

What do I get as a member?

Here’s a sneak peek at just SOME of awesome perks and content I’m putting into the Habit Hackers group:

  • Access to an exclusive members-only private Facebook group, where we focus on a theme each month that we’re all working on together (November = how to create and protect your inner peace; after this year of craziness, doesn’t that sound amazing?).
  • Legit life, health, and productivity hacks for busy women with super full lives (no silly recommendations that don’t work in the real world). 
  • A super cool “success kit” from guest experts who will share even MORE advice, tips, and hacks about each month’s topic.
  • Interactive Q&As with me where you ask me all your burning questions in a Facebook Live format.
  • Recipes! If you love recipes, you’ll love this online community. Each month I pick a recipe or two that helps support the theme. Anything from a breakfast smoothie to a delicious dinner idea to an essential oil blend that will work wonders. 
  • A digital magazine all about that month’s topic, stuffed full of articles and hacks you can apply immediately to your life to see new results.
  • A community of smart, amazing women who are working through the same challenges as you, who have similar goals, lifestyles, and desires… FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD.
This group is about evolving, so new content is always being developed and shared, based upon what you ladies are asking for.
I literally JUST opened this up for new members… so you’re getting the inside scoop early. This is your chance to be a founding member of this community. Founding members get exclusive access to hacks and insider info from top experts in nutrition, stress-relief, and productivity among other topics designed to help you live life to the fullest… at the lowest ever entry-level price. Including the option for 2 months free if you decide to go all-in on an annual pass.
You know what they say about getting in at the ground floor… it’s the best place to get in on something BIG and secure the biggest advantage. The same applies here.
One thing to note here is that the Habit Hackers community is open for enrollment ONLY until Thursday October 29th. 
Because it’s SO interactive… and we dedicate SO much time and support to the women who are part of it… and there’s so much exciting content to put together and share… we need to close the doors soon.
In about a week, in fact! 
Let’s recap the 4-part “marathon mindset” technique.
If you want to truly have the same 24 hours in the day that Oprah does, you need to shift your mindset and enlist a little bit of help to get all the things done so you can shut off that chattering voice in your head at night.
That’s why I recommend approaching your day with the mindset of a marathon runner.
The 4-part technique is:
  • Prep.
  • Build momentum.
  • Maintain your energy.
  • And finish strong.
As an easy way to do that, I’m offering to be your life/marathon training coach in the Habit Hackers membership community group. 
But, it’s only open until October 29th so be sure to check it out soon.
I hope to see you inside the group, so until next time… 
I’ll see ya online.

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