That One Time I Got Fired

Before I was a dōTERRA anything, I worked at a health club teaching Pilates and yoga.
I was a little more than just a teacher, though.
I was the Mind Body Coordinator and that meant I was managing 35 other teachers and 105 classes on the schedule in addition to teaching my own classes... like the badass I am 😉
I loved it. Not just because my classes were always the ones fully booked, but because it was an environment in which I thrived.
During this time, though, I was growing... personally and professionally. I hadn’t ever really thought about building a “personal brand” (as we like to call it now) but in retrospect, that is exactly what I was doing.
One day I had a lightbulb moment. I realized the reason I was so popular as a teacher was because I was attracting people who wanted to hear what I had to say.
#dominoeffect.  It was the ah-ha turning point for me. 
It wasn’t coconut cream and raw cacao though for all. My potential to grow made other people uncomfortable.
Mainly my boss (oops).
Little backstory first.
When I accepted the managment position at this Athletic Club, I brought a handful of my own clients with me. Over time, of course, new clients came in who also became  “my” clients.  Tricky since they found me through the Athletic Club.  
I had just launched my first website.  Whoohooo! And was building my newsletter list -  

(Dare me to share some of those old email templates so we can all have a good laugh at how bad they were in my early days...) 

I had added my old clients to my list.  New clients opted into my list.  

My boss got wind of this and to say the least, he wasn’t thrilled.
You’d think he’d have been hella happy that I was bringing in excited people ready to spend their money at his health club.
Nope.  I had now, for some reason, become his competition or a threat to his success.  Weird story he chose to tell himself but whatever. His story changed my life forever.
I gotta pause my story to tell you this: there are some who are going to be attracted to you (these are your peeps) and there are others who will straight up be repelled by you (not your peeps).
Anyhooo, So he told me to stop emailing the Athetic Club’s members. 

DUDE.  They have opted in.  I have to now make announcements to my class that I am no longer allowed to be “friends” with them on FB or have them read my shiz?  Cool not cool.  

Not the greatest sitch but I went with it and thought we had an agreement.
Life went on.

Clients kept opting in.  Unknowingy I kept emailing them.
And he fired me. 

Just like that. Thanks dude.
I knew he fired me because he saw me as a threat.  But it still hurt. 
Maybe you’ve had a moment like that IRL where you’re going about your day and something so unexpected happens, you feel like you’ve been hit in the gut.
It would be like waking up to find your entire house was rearranged and you have no idea how or who did it. Disorienting. Unsettling.
That’s how I felt that morning.
Someone else’s decision was about to directly impact me and my future, and it was friggin’ terrifying.
I had a choice. Two choices, actually.
I could go home and cry about it. Complain about how someone was ruining my life. Feel stressed out and worry about the future. Calla friend and complain (no IG stories back then so that wouldn’t have been an option).
I could just not none of the above. Give myself a moment to roll through the feelings. Decide I was in control, and keep moving.
Guess which option I went with?
I realized that painful moment was about to be my greatest gift.
The thing is - I probably wanted to quit at some point. Pursue doing my own thing.  Shine on my own.  And maybe later down the road I would’ve.   But someone else made that decision “for” me. 

It was a no brainer. I had no choice but to propel myself forward.
I’m really layin’ this out for you, because while my goal is to inspire you... I’m not here to blow smoke up your ass.
Shiz happens, guys.
We’re only human and we can’t help our gut reactions to hard times. It’s when we allow our thoughts to run wild and go to dark places that We’re endangering our potential.
Our thoughts directly impact the results in our life.

And we get results by taking action.  Or not. 

And the reason we take action is because of gut feeling.

So when I got canned, I could have decided to panic based on thought like “I can’t do this on my own”.  Or I could have felt empowered to create based on a thought that “anything was possible.”  

Let me say it again if you missed it– when you feel scared, you do scared things. When you feel empowered, you do powerful things.
And I want you to do powerful things.
But it all starts with your thoughts.
Listen, I can probably read your mind already.
“That’s great, Hayley, but I don’t know how to actually do any of that IRL.”
Do you honestly think I would leave you hanging? Please... 😘
My whole vibe is about consciously and purposefully creating the life you deserve to have. I’ve broken down my 8 biggest tips that are seriously going to help you achieve that and I’ve popped them in an eBook you can download for free.
I want to help you learn how to turn your thoughts into the feelings that are going to create the reality you want.
Even if you aren’t at a place where you’ve had that moment happen, give these 8 tips a try. I’d bet my freshly pressed juice that if you do this work now, the next time you’re faced with something meant to pull you down, you’ll approach it stronger.
What do you have to lose?

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