How to Clean Out Your Physical, Digital, and Mental Closets

Oops! I bought another pair of sweet kicks...

Oops! A new little black dress just showed up in my closet…

Oops! I went out for a coffee and accidentally came back with a brand new office chair, a new blender, a fuzzy new bathrobe and a partridge in a pear tree…

I may like shopping, just a little.

Holla at me if you do too!

And if you’re like me….you know how cluttered things can get if you’re not careful. 

And when shiz gets can mess up your whole game.

Seriously...a messy space equals a messy mind.

It happens slowly over time until all of a sudden you’re like... 

Holy crap I can’t see my floor…Do I still have a cat? Or screw it...we need to buy another house….(true story). Yah, yah I know… #firstworldproblems

But seriously, having a messy office, room or house in general can make you feel overwhelmed, raise your anxiety levels and decrease productivity BIG time.

How to take action and detox your physical space

When we have a clean space, we have room for calm and mental clarity. 

You may be having an anxiety attack as you read this…

Hayley….what?! I have to get rid of my STUFF?! 


And don’t worry. It’s not going to be as painful as you think.

Break it down into little pieces. 

Start with one room, one closet, one drawer even.

Clothes..if you haven’t worn something in the last 6 months, you probably won’t miss it. Create a pile to take to your nearest thrift store and feel good about helping others out!

Or your office...go through your paperwork piece by piece...if you don’t need something, shred it and for the rest….are there ways to get better organized? 

Could you get a file folder? An organizer? A new desk with better storage?

(Or get some stellar advice from my favorite queen of clean, Marie Kondo — she has an epic Netflix special you MUST watch…) 

How does your car look — like you’ve been living out of it? 

Grab a garbage bag and recycling bag and clean it out...then take it to the car wash so your car looks as good as it feels on the inside!

Another way to deep clean and declutter (and teach a life lesson) is to get your little ones involved. If you have kids, they’re usually the reason for mess in the first place, ha!

The hardest part is getting started but once you do, you’ll find that state of flow and before you know it — ba da boom — you got a brand new closet, office, bedroom and car. 

And your mind feels at ease.

It feels AMAZEBALLS when you have a nice clean tidy space and it’s always worth the effort.

You’ll never clean your space and regret it. And your mental wellbeing will praise you. 

Say hello to being able to focus and concentrate, breathe easier and think more clearly. :)

But what about our digital space?

If you’re like me and you’re mostly living in the digital’s important to clean that up too.

I spend a lot of time on my phone and computer running my biz and it’s so easy for apps, platforms, emails, and all sorts of things to get cluttered and out of control.

Start with your you have a million apps you never use? When’s the last time you sorted your emails? 

Do you have old accounts you never use? Has it been 5 years since you signed into Twitter? 

Delete delete delete.

Less is more and from our physical spaces to our digital spaces...decluttering your life will have profound effects on your happiness and stress levels.

Challenge alert! 

I want you to block off one day a month on your calendar….just one day… to take action and declutter. Are you in?  

What space are you going to tackle first and why? 
Let me know in the comments!

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Katia Colombo

Jun 13, 2019 02:20 PM CDT

I will start with my mobile and in the specific app and photos... I take a lot of screenshot at conventions, insta story as inspiring content to develop, but most of the time they stay in the general folder and get buried deep in the middle of nowhere



Jun 12, 2019 11:26 PM CDT

I just moved like 6 weeks ago. I have lived very well without opening the 6 boxes of stuff stacked in my room. I am going to start there and purge galore!! My mind is a mess and I have no organization right now


Elaine Kraft

Jun 12, 2019 10:37 AM CDT

I have been doing this for a little while as we are moving this fall! 1 area at a time!!!

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