How To Build a Personal Brand Like a Boss (Using Resources You Already Have)

What’s your superpower?

No, really!

What sets you apart from the flock?

Are you a health coach with a passion for the raw food lifestyle?

Are you a social media manager with the ability to up anyone’s Instagram game...with your eyes closed, 
hands tied behind your back, and three screaming kids running around your desk?

Are you a life coach with a talent for helping young women gain control of their finances?

Maybe you already know what your superpower is...and if not, that’s okay.

That just means it’s time to do some soul searching.

Because creating and feeling confident in your personal brand aka. your superpower will help you grow your biz like a true boss.

I’ve spent years growing my personal brand and it’s come a long way — from yoga and pilates instructor to health and biz coach to network marketing professional to where I’m at educator/speaker/author and yup….a podcast host.
I like to think what makes my brand unique and what sets me apart from the bajillions of other (amazing and inspiring) femtrepreneurs out there is that I’m real.
I tell it like it is, I stay away from being preachy…I won’t sugarcoat it, I’ll straight up feed you the goods on how to grow your biz, take control of your health and follow your dreams.
Knowing what makes you stand out is half the battle, so let’s get this personal branding ball rolling, shall we? 

First, start with the basics:

Ask yourself a few questions…

✅ What makes your brand unique?
✅ Describe your personality.
✅ What are your values?
✅ What is your passion?
✅ If your brand was a person, what would she look like?
✅ What sets you apart from your competition?
✅ If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
✅ What problem are you solving for your clients and/or customers?

This kind of soul searching, my friend, will help get you started. And I don’t know about you, but I nerd out about this kind of stuff. 
This should be fun...because it’s all about you.
Creating a personal brand is so much more than your logo or font colors, it has everything to do with who you are, what makes you unique and how you can serve the world.
First off, you gotta get real.
People can smell a fake from a mile away. 
Don’t shy away from your little quirks and shortcomings because sometimes those are the things that set you apart, and allow people a window into the real you.
Draw from your own life experiences. Come up with your own way of doing and saying things. 
It’s great to take inspiration from other brands and biz babes, but make sure that in the end, what you’re giving the world comes from your heart with your own style and your own voice.
Be yourself because you are AMAZING.
Don’t doubt it. OWN it.
It’s okay to get vulnerable, heck, it’s what’s going to change the face of marketing.
It’s time for us all to allow that vulnerability and humbleness to seep through everything we put forth in the world.
It’s time to show up as our authentic selves because that honesty will gain trust with our followers.
Because then we can truly start helping those around us while also making the big bucks and growing our businesses.
#sorrynotsorry….rant over.
Once you’ve got an idea of what your personal brand is, and you’ve made the choice to market yourself to the world in an honest way — It’s time to get out there.
It’s time to start producing content that embodies your brand and speaks to your followers.
So you know who you are, and you’re ready to conquer the world… how do you know if you’ve become successful?
Everyone has their own metrics for success so make your own list.
What do you need to accomplish to get those epic accomplishment feels?! 
You can strive for this kind of super-fulfilling-help-a-lot-of-people-at-one-time kind of success.
And you can start by pitching yourself. Do you have a podcast you subscribe to? Pitch yourself as a guest! 
Do you have a blog you love reading on the weekly? Pitch yourself as a guest writer on a topic that resonates.
Don’t hide your personal brand, flaunt it baby. 
Because these platforms help you get your message out there and help you start making an impact on a bigger scale.
There are so many other ways to do this as well — through your own blog, website, social media, email marketing, Facebook lives — the list goes on.
And no matter where you’re producing content, just keep being the real you, and your biz will start seeing growth in no time.
What steps are you taking to grow your personal brand? 
Let me know in the comments, I’d love to help you out! 

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