Springtime Blend

Put your hands up in the *a-yer* and wave ‘em like you just don’t *ca-yer*...unless you're holding your phone in one hand your baby in the other--in which case put the baby down first!

It is Wake UP Wednesday, you guys and I woke up feelin’ brand-new.

Let’s just say this has been one of my best weeks EVER! 

My extensions didn’t fall out. My lashes went on perfectly the FIRST time.  My favorite cafe had my fave-o green drink on special ALL week and I finally found the perfect combo of Essential Oils to create that sweet spring clean smell in my home.  

Here’s the recipe for your diffuser:

1 Ylang Ylang
2 drops of Lavender
5 drops of Orange

Enjoy your week!! But before you go frolic in the daffodils...tell me in the comments what your favorite spring scent is.

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