My Secret to Forming Powerful Human Connections to Grow Your Business

Most people think starting and growing a business is super complicated.

The truth is, it’s really quite simple.

You have a product or service to sell and you want someone to buy it.

But there are myriad ways you can go about doing that and that’s where things get interesting. 

What I’ve learnt in my 6 years of being in the network marketing game is that people, above all, are searching for inspiration.

It’s why my Instagram feed is full of quotes.

It’s the reason my Facebook posts are written in a way that encourages people to take action in their own lives, not just let them know what I had for breakfast.

(Disclaimer: I do sometimes boast about a juice that changed my morning or a vegan ice cream that blew my mind….don’t judge me...I’m human too) ;)

People want to feel empowered, in their lives and in their businesses.

And if you can figure out what people want — what’s in it for them — your whole way of doing business will change.

It might sound painfully obvious, but to know what your people want, you have to listen. You have to really hear them. You have to ask the right questions. 

You have to connect.

The power of human connections in network marketing and beyond should not be overlooked or understated.

It’s critical.

And it’s the part of my job I love the most.

And guess what….if you’re not in the network marketing game, this still applies to you.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all searching for connection.

Look up from your Facebook feed for one second…

Yep, look up.

There are people all around you.

Possibilities in every human who enters your space.

Strike up a conversation with the person in line with you at your local cafe.

Reach out to the mom struggling with her two kids trying to check out at the grocery store.

Talk to the person sitting next to you on the plane.

Ask a question to the girl who’s been sitting next to you on the yoga mat for the last six months.

And listen.

Find out the names of their grandchildren.

Find out where they like to buy their sneakers.

Find out what fuels them.

Find out what inspires them.

Don’t force your beliefs on them. Don’t offer them something they don’t want. Don’t push them into your offer.

Pay attention.

Get to know your customers and clients. And you’ll get to know what they want.

And finally, pick up the phone once in a while. 

Instead of a text message, give your customer or client a call.

Get off your butt and get out there in the world!

I go to a LOT of events -- network marketing ones like the GoPro Mastery by my friend Eric Worre...and numerous others that don’t have anything to do with Network Marketing. 

I hold my own events like team Launch Camps so I can help others succeed in their bizzes.

I travel all over the world, connecting with other humans at events that have the power to rock your whole universe.

When I attend an event, I get to see IRL the change in people’s faces as they make a new discovery about themselves or their biz.

I get to learn so much about my audience, because they’re right there in the same room.

Networking, connecting, are total game-changers.

So get out there. Go.

You’re not going to grow without a community around you who you can inspire, and who can inspire you right back.

A group of people who’ve you got your back yo!

Keep on learnin’. Keep on growing.

Your network will do that for you, better than searching Google for a blog article on growing your Instagram.

We all have so much to give and so much to learn.

And if you can’t physically travel to events within your industry….the second best option is to find an online community you can tap into.

Like a Facebook group. Mine is called Consciously Creating Your Whole You and we have over 3,500 members.

We support each other. I’m there to teach them and help them grow. It’s engaging and interactive. 

And there’s lots of groups out there just like it that can help you in your area of expertise.

But you have to put yourself out there. 

Be a giver. Contribute.

My entire business is based off my personal brand.

I am Hayley Hobson - the mom, sister, pilates fanatic, soultrepreneur... and I am also Hayley Hobson - the life coach, biz coach, health coach, doTERRA Double Presidential Diamond…

And the reason why I have such a massive worldwide following is because people connect with my personal brand.

Because I’m a giver.

Yes, sales are important to me.

And if a connection does turn into a sale, great. But it’s not my motivation.

When I choose to give, I do so without expecting anything in return.

I got into this game because I truly believe in helping people consciously create positive change in their own lives.

I got here by listening and giving my time and putting in the time to help my fellow biz fellow holistic lifestyle fellow humans.

On top of that, I truly believe in the products I sell like doTERRA essential oils and how they have the power to positively impact people’s lives. 

There’s power in being genuine. In truly giving back. In forming connections above and beyond pure business.

How do you want to connect with people in your business this year? Let me know in the comments!

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