Back to Basics: How to Create a Solid Foundation for Unstoppable Business Growth

It always fascinates me when I read about how someone got their start.

Maybe it was a single moment or maybe it happened over the course of a year...but all of a sudden — everything changed.

A lot of times dreams are borne out of strife, a major life incident, or after years of struggles.

Boom...I just watched Shark Tank and witnessed a young mom raised by addicts and abusive parents making her first mil because she had a Dream and an idea.   

Boom...You hear of Joe Schmo struggling to make ends meet when all of a sudden he came up with an ebook that would eventually bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars and change his whole life.

I love this shiz. 

Because there’s nothing more inspiring to me in the world than hearing how someone worked their friggin’ butt off to accomplish their goals. 

I was there too.

Years ago, I had just started up my doTERRA biz and was travelling around the country. I was on the road once or twice a week, plus I was taking a course with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach — PLUS I’m a mother. 

I was so busy, I really just had my head down doing everything I could to succeed.

I had already made the leap. 

I already had my AHA moment when I left my unfulfilling job as a lawyer.

I had already battled my inner critic.

But I knew I still wanted more and that’s when I heard of B-School. 

Ugh, it was a big chunk of change.

And I really didn’t know if I had the money to invest in a program like that and if it was actually going to help me.

I mean could I take what I learned and even implement it?

I was really on the fence.

And I was really freaking busy. I didn’t even know if I’d be able to do the homework.

But but but….I had heard so many people talking about it, the testimonials were incredible and I had the support of my family….

So I took a swan dive into the epic waters of building the most solid foundation for my biz I could ever hope for.


If I was in the Olympics, the judges would’ve given my dive a 10 out of 10.

Whether you’re into taking B-School or not…(P.S. the cart is open right now if you want to experience the same life changing journey I, and so many others, have had…)

Having a solid foundation underneath your feet when it comes to your biz is the most important thing in the world. 

If you’re clear on your “why” and if you’ve got the passion and the drive to follow your dream, you’re ready to build the basics.

Learning the basics and gaining the knowledge and perspective on what I needed to do to build my biz was AMAZEBALLS. 

I learnt how to to build a website that could convert.

I learnt how to narrow my niche, build my email list and create an ideal client avatar.

I learnt what separates the successful online businesses from the ones that bomb. 
Knowledge is power, for reals.

And if you do end up needing to hire things your website or social’ll know what you’re doing and won’t get ripped off.

You’ll know how to run a basic Facebook ad.

You’ll understand how to write copy that sells.

You’ll be able to create Instagram captions like a boss.

Having a solid foundation helps you, as a biz owner, make intelligent decisions and will allow your biz to skyrocket, like mine did.

Taking my biz online and growing it from the ground up, with these basic tools in my toolbelt, has allowed me to travel the world, earn seven figures and give my daughter,Madeline, and my step-daughter, Makenna, opportunities I never could’ve dreamed of before.

Whether you take B-School or not….whether you’re at this stage or not...whether you’ve had your own AHA moment or not….

“You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.”

Thanks Marie Forleo. Your quotes make my life.

And she’s right.

Building a solid biz foundation will take time but the key is to start. 

Maybe you can’t quit your 9 to 5 yet, but you CAN start dreaming and learning and gaining knowledge.

Maybe you haven’t quite nailed down your vision but you’ve got SOUL and PASSION!

Just get going.

My other favorite Marie quote is — “Everything is figureoutable.”

If you want something bad enough, sorry to be so cliche but it’s friggin’ true — you will figure out how to get it.

Are you ready to figure it out?

Are you ready to get going?

Good. Because I can’t wait to be inspired by the moment you got YOUR start.

Have you had an AHA moment in your life or biz? Let me know in the comments and let’s inspire each other!

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Amber Tewksbury

Feb 20, 2019 09:02 PM CDT

My awa moment was so natural. My day job is to be the best massage therapist I can be. Over the years of working with my clients there was a recurring theme. They did not want to take a pill or mask the problem they had. They want a natural solution to improve their health. It's like the universe aligned when I ask what else can I do and poof essential oils entered my life . I did what I was taught . Make call n host classes repeat . But I quickly found out that was no going to work in my life. So I took a break , knowing I wanted to share but was stuck , being a LMT is my first passion. Could I really have two. My upline mentioned to follow you. Hayley Hobson. And everything you said spoke to me. Time freedom online home business. This is where my next step in doterra needs to be I'm determined to figure it out ! Thank you

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