2 Signs You Have An Inner Badass Biz Babe Waiting To Come Out

Agree or disagree: it’s kinda this thing to talk about being a hot mess, or even take pride in it right now, isn’t it?

There are mugs, notebook covers, insta-quotes, necklaces, t-shirts… all of it proclaiming “I’m a hot mess and proud of it” in some form or another. 

I even have a cute little hat that says “Hot Mess” on it.  

But let’s be real… being a hot mess is not a badge of honor. 

Right? I seriously hope you agree with me. 

Yes, it can be hilarious to joke about all the shiz that goes wrong, or how up and down life can be. Because we’re all doing the best we can. 

But the reality is living as a hot mess, well, is flipping exhausting. 

And while none of us are living out the perfect Disney Princess life, chariots and glass slippers, talking animals doing our chores for us, and all that jazz...

Let’s be honest. We don’t really need to be living a life that’s completely falling apart around us either.

There’s gotta be balance to the chaos. 

Hear me out: I’m not saying life has to be perfect 24/7. I’m just saying there’s a way to unleash your inner badass babe who’s prepared to take control of the situation, fix shiz when it goes wrong, and not feel frazzled and burnt out in the process.

I’ve got 2 signs that’ll help you recognize your own inner badass babe is ready and waiting to come out. 

SIGN ONE: You feel like your day runs YOU instead of the other way around, but you know it isn’t supposed to be that way. 

Here’s what it looks like: when you go to bed, you take your phone with you and set an alarm for 6:00am telling yourself you’ll wake up for a workout or quiet time or whatever… before everyone else in your house is up.

But then you spend approximately 2 hours scrolling Insta, Facebook, Pinterest, Zulily and whatever else you didn’t get a chance to look at during the day before you realize how late it is and you’ve gotta get some sleep.

Then what feels like 5 minutes goes by and your alarm is blaring in your ear. You snooze it. Then a few minutes later you snooze it again.

Until you’re finally woken up because a dog is licking your face, or your kid is screaming about ponytails not being in right and can you help, or your partner’s alarm went off, or maybe just your internal clock warning you everyone’s gonna be late for school is buzzing in your brain. 

So you bolt out of bed and scramble to get everything and everyone ready to go.

Which means the rest of the day you're behind the ball. Chasing time. All Day Long. On every little thing. 

And you repeat this the next day.  And then the next.  And you seriously think there’s no other way to live but secretly hope and wish there was.

I’m here to tell you this doesn’t have to be normal! You don’t have to let your days run your life like this.

There’s a better way to go to sleep and a better way to wake up that results in you feeling calm, collected, and in control of what’s happening each day. 

But it starts with you recognizing you’re the conductor of your own hot mess express. And that you can change anything you’d like to - with a little help.

SIGN TWO: You’ve spent most of your life knowing, deep down, you were meant for MORE.

You’ve always felt a little tug inside of you.  Maybe it’s even seemed at times like disappointment or discontentment in yourself.

I’m not suggesting you think your life sucks or you regret all the choices you’ve made so far that have brought you to this point.

I’m simply saying you believe there’s something else out there waiting for you: 

  • Maybe it’s achieving and MAINTAINING the next rank in your biz
  • Maybe it’s upleveling your income to the point where you have more financial stability and time freedom
  • Maybe it’s confidence down to your core that you’re making the healthiest, best choices for your fam
  • Maybe it’s getting to a point where your community now knows you for who you are and what you do, and you’re finally building a legacy with your work

Or maybe it’s all of the above.

Whatever it looks like for you… there’s this little fire in your soul you’ve been quietly and secretly tending… but you’re not seriously igniting it.

And with every annual milestone like a new year, or a birthday you tell yourself “This is MY year” except it usually ends up the same… 

The year happened and now you’re looking back and thinking, “that didn’t exactly go as planned.” And unfortunately have no idea how to finally make the change you know you want to make or even where to begin.

But you're still not giving up belief.  

There’s a path waiting for you somewhere and when you figure out how to get on it and start walking along it… your life will never be the same (in a good way, of course).

I mean did either of these signs resonate with you?

Here’s the thing… I wrote these because I’ve been in both of those scenarios.

At the same time, even. 

I distinctly remember living life feeling like my day was going to drown me. That I couldn’t catch a breath between work, life, laundry and food prep. I wished I had a secret little maid in my back pocket I could pull out to just give me some friggin help. But there was no one.

It was just me. 

Until one day, that fire I mentioned in Sign Two… the one burning inside you, too - got so hot I couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

I came to recognize two things:

1) my life didn’t have to read like it was a script of a bad reality tv show complete with meltdowns and drama
2) I am in control of the epic life I can create. 

And although, to you, it may seem like my life and business were a slam dunk, I’ve spent the last two decades working all this shiz out.

It was a ton of trial and error.  A lot of money invested. And many systems I had to create for myself. 

And honestly, the systems were my lifesaver.  They made it hella easier to consciously create the life I really wanted.

Easy, duplicatable systems to hack my crazy life. These systems were the way I said goodbye to hot mess Hayley who was holding me back from being the baddass babe I knew I wanted to be.

Now if you’re feelin’ even just the least bit excited… I have some news.

You can have access to all the systems I use - systems for every part of your life:

From time management and productivity - so you can wake up with purpose instead of feeling frazzled which means you’ll absolutely manifest those intentions you’ve been setting.

To choosing better products for your skin + bod - cause let’s face it … there really is no excuse at this point to be covering yourself in anything but natural ingredients. Toxic chemicals are now old school my friend.

To filing your home, your pantry, your fridge and your cabinets with nourishing, whole food - so you can confidently tell your fam to grab whatever the heck they want to eat because it’s ALL good for them.

I dropped all of this and MORE into my brand new course which is now OPEN for enrollment. 

It’s called Your Whole You: 6 Weeks to Healthier Habits & Holistic Happiness and it’s your ticket to getting off the hot mess express forever and unleashing your inner holistic badass biz babe.

You deserve to build new routines that are simple and yet so effective that you’ll finally feel rested, not to mention wickedly productive. 

This course is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

YOU are why I created this course.

You CAN be in complete control of the thoughts that are now scattered across multiple sticky notes and audios to yourself so you can consciously create the life of your dreams.

You CAN finally stop questioning your ability to find natural solutions or which natural solutions you should be using on yourself and your fam, because after taking my course, you’ll know exactly what to get and how to find it.

Most of all, you CAN look in the mirror and say “I’m a holistic badass biz babe and I’ve got this”.

If you’re ready to jump on board with me and make simple, easy steps that will cause significant changes in your life in just 6 weeks, head to 

And if you’re still on the fence, it’s okay. 

I know changes like this aren’t for everyone. 

Some people, quite frankly, are not ready to leave the hot mess behind because it feels kinda comforting. Like mac & cheese on a rainy day (old school style. Gluten included)

I get it. 

But I also want you to know that it’s not how you were meant to live. Organization and productivity and so much more are waiting for you. 

Registration closes soon so don’t delay, my friend.

Stay badass.


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