Unconventional Ways to Change Your Vibe & Release Limiting Beliefs

“I don’t know if I can do this. I’m not like you.”

When she said that, I had to bite my tongue. Which is super hard to do because I’m all about no BS, get rid of the excuses, and get shiz done.

But I knew in that moment, no amount of hard truth was going to do it (and this is part of what being a good coach is about… being in tune with your clients). She had to change her own mind. And she wasn’t going to do that until she changed what she believed.

And her beliefs weren’t going to change until she came to this realization: whatever vibe she was putting out was responsible for shaping her beliefs. 

Everything we believe has some kind of vibe attached to it. 

A vibe is just simply an emotion. It’s a feeling. And you have them all day long about all kinds of things.

Hot tea in the AM makes you feel happy, which makes you believe you’re gonna have a good day. 

Rushing for school pickup makes you feel stressed, which makes you believe your day is falling apart.

Make sense?

If you’re tracking with me, then you’re gonna put this simple math together: beliefs + vibes = the decisions you make on what to do all day long.

Let’s go back to my coaching client. 

She believed she couldn’t attract builders to her team... so guess what? She wasn’t attracting builders to her team.

She didn’t think anyone would want to build with her because she was young, inexperienced, had no certifications, and was also busy part of the time with her kids.
She kept saying “If only I could find some time to finish my aromatherapy certification… then I’d be taken more seriously.”

I mean, let’s get real. It was all a bunch of excuses. 

She needed to change her vibes, so she could let go of that garbage and start believing some real stuff like… “I’m doing the best I can and while I’m working on my certification, I can share what I’m learning.” (Just as one example.)

She needed to shift her perception.

Here’s the thing, though. How many times have you read a post like this that told you “just believe in yourself!” and then it ended. And you were left thinking “Okay. Great. Now what?”

I mean maybe I’ve even written a post like that? Just bein’ real.

That’s not what this post is about, though. I have 3 ways you can impact your vibes so you can stop believing the stuff that’s holding you back. Ready?

Essential Oils

I mean…. What did you expect would be the first thing here?

Essential oils are plant magic. When you’re using pure and potent oils (like the kind I do, #thanksdoterra) it’s like putting a magic potion in or on yourself.

To clear out bad vibes, I’d recommend doing these three things:
  1. Diffuse uplifting oils like citrus or mint. You can even combine them - like 4 drops of Wild Orange + 2 drops of Spearmint. 
  2. Apply an oil like Lavender right onto your skin. It’s soothing and calming, and it will help reset your thoughts which is going to shift your entire vibe.
  3. Ingest an oil like Rosemary. Its chemical makeup makes it SO powerful for your body but for vibe-purposes, it’s a mood balancer.

Smoke Your Home

… with sage. 

Get a smudging kit from a place like Amazon and set it on fire. The smoke from the burning sage will absorb negativity. Walk the smoke around to any place in your home that you need to clean up. 

It’s like washing the energy of your house with the magic of plants. 

Make A List

There is a power in writing things down. 

Especially if you’ve been avoiding doing something. You’ve probably blown it up in your head to the point that it seems impossible. 

But the truth is… if you write out what you have to do, you’re naturally going to start solving it. 

Our brains love to bring order to things. 

Think of what’s been setting your vibes off in a bad way lately. Then write it down. Then write down three ways you can solve it right away.

Then actually go solve it. Don’t forget that’s the whole reason you landed here (because something is holding you back).

You get bonus points from me if you do all three of these energy-clearing, vibe-restoring tips because I know if you do, you’re gonna start seeing some traction. 


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