How to Build Epic Business Building Connections Online and IRL

It’s funny how life can change in a moment, six days, three months, one year…

All of a sudden…’ve got a 6-figure biz...

BAM… your offer for your dream home was accepted…’re jetting off to Europe for your bucket-list dream vaycay…

And all of these things probably happened because you met a specific person or group of people at the right time in the right place.

(Plus you worked your butt off....)

But really, the interactions we have with the people around us — those we know and those we’ve just met for the first time — have the power to change our course and set us on a path we never thought possible.

If you would’ve told me 20 years ago when I was a lawyer working a job I found no fulfillment in, or even 7 years ago after I had started a new career as a Pilates and yoga teacher that my life would be what it is today, I would’ve called you a crazy person.

There’s been times in my life where I was down and out, and I chose — consciously chose — to not give up and keep giving it my all.

I opened myself up to every possibility and I forced myself to keep putting myself out there and meeting new people and gaining new perspective.

This life is all about building relationships….online and IRL.

Building relationships is the KEY to your biz, the door to growth and the portal to success.

Everywhere you go in life, you have the opportunity to build a relationship.

Let’s look at your online world — your website, your Facebook page, your Instagram profile, your Pinterest account — helloooooo relationships and helloooooooo possibilities.

Every post you create is an opportunity to make a connection.

At the end of every post you put out there in the world — blog, Facebook, Instagram— create a Call to Action or CTA.

Maybe you want to send people to a landing page...but maybe this is your chance to simply start up a conversation.

Did you just write a post about how you’re already kicking ass at your 2019 New Year’s goals?

Perfect, ask your followers a question about how they’re doing with their goals and offer to help them out.

Get them to comment. And then voila:

Conversation starter - ✅

Connection made - ✅

Relationship building on point - ✅

It’s that easy.

It always gets me fired up when I get a message in my Messenger inbox from someone who saw one of my Facebook posts and it changed their day or even their life.

When you start getting thousands of followers, you don’t know everyone who is following you…

But when you get a message like that….you realize people are following you for a reason. And they’re REAL people with REAL challenges and REAL successes.

And your posts, your voice, have the power to affect that person’s journey.

Whew, it gives me tingles!

Another way to lay the foundation for relationship building in your biz is to consistently interact.

Engage with your peoples. Be active, not passive.

On Facebook and Instagram, for instance, like other people’s posts, share posts from pages you love, follow like-minded people who inspire you!

Respond to the comment on your blog or post, like people’s replies...this is a two-way street and building relationships online means not only posting but replying as well.

Now let’s get real….as in real life interactions.

I know I’m always like ‘online biz this and online biz that’ — but the online world and the “real world” connect in many ways.

I had an amazing experience a few months ago (I go into detail on my latest here to watch) 

I was on a plane in another country and I started talking to the woman next to me.

She was a life coach like me, a vegan like me and she had done a lot of research and was interested in essential oils (....good thing I sell them!)

She was on her way to Kenya where I ended up a few weeks later.

It was awesome….we were just two women on a plane, with similar interests and a common purpose.

When I got to my hotel room later that day, I went online and I was stoked.

This woman had become a customer. She had bought my product, my essential oils.

It’s truly amazing how the people we meet can empower us and we can empower them.

You never know when you’re going to meet someone that’s going to become your next client or customer.

Next time you’re in line at your favorite juice bar, or you’re sitting on a plane, or you’re at an event….don’t underestimate the power of starting up a conversation with the person next to you.

You have no idea if that person has the power to change the course of the rest of your life or you have the power to change theirs.

Pretty deep, hey?

Speaking of interacting and relationship building, I want to connect with YOU.

Have you ever met someone that changed your life or biz forever? I want to know. Comment below. :)

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Jan 11, 2019 05:22 PM CDT

That is so awesome to hear Beneita! So happy you are apart of my tribe. xo, Hayley


Beneita Flemmer

Jan 09, 2019 11:16 AM CDT

Yes dear Haley! I have met a few total strangers in passing and made that same connection! Gave out my doT business card! Found each other on Social Media and long story short they are now builders with my team! Thank you for your awesomeness and your support!

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